Others Champions drive sportsmanship to board room

Champions drive sportsmanship to board room

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Feb 01,2005 8:46 AM

Champions drive sportsmanship to board room

Life is about 99.9 per cent journey and .1 per cent milestone —Focus on goals and not on success. This was the message given to the corporates by sports champions, Geet Sethi, Ashwini Nachappa, Sanjay Manjrekar and Anil Kumble, at Reverse Flick, a seminar organised in corporate interest in New Delhi on Monday.

The billiards champion said, “Success is not a goal you can chase, joy is. And for that it is extremely essential to be focused and disciplined.” Sethi said, for every individual it is essential to identify the “sweet spot”. Bringing it in a corporate perspective, he said, “I realised this sweet spot when each time I played the game and won it. For a sales person, this spot would be not when he clinches the deal with the client but when he gets his client to be content.

Star athlete Ashwini Nachappa spoke on competitive spirit. “If you want to be the best in any product category, then you need to conceive the product and the whole team should believe in it.” Nachappa said that being positive leads to possibilities and this spirit is what carries forward the company’s revenues. Stating her own example, Nachappa stressed on the fact that it is important “to leave with grace.” She said, “This is really applicable to the corporate world. When one has attained a certain status in the industry, it is time to let go.”

Spin bowler Anil Kumble too bowled his innings finely. Kumble relived his ten-wicket success on the dias and shared on all his ups and downs in career. Speaking on resilience and reinventing, Kumble said, “The results are taken care of themselves, what you need to take care of is the process.” A sportsman life is not too different form that of any executive, he said, adding, “Each time you do well, there is pressure to do even better.”

The seminar ended with cricketer-turned-commentator Sanjay Manjrekar talking on leadership qualities. Manjrekar said that ex-Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan is by far one of the best team leaders he has ever seen. “The quality of being a dare devil, leading from the front and being positive are certain qualities which made Imran a hero. These qualities should be followed by corporates too,” he said.

The seminar was organised by corporate consultants, Behind the Moon. On the seminar’s conception, Giraj, Director, Behind the Moon, said, “We noticed that sports-based tools turned out to be a big hit with corporates when we conducted workshops. This led to the genesis of the idea.” Asked on how he selected the speakers, he said, “All the panelists are very experienced and knowledgeable about their field. Moreover, all of them have had troublesome times and bounced back. They are very strong individuals and good managers of their lives. We wanted to carry this forward to the corporate platform too.”

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