Others Carat Version 2.0: It’s more about communication than media planning

Carat Version 2.0: It’s more about communication than media planning

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, Aug 19,2006 8:25 AM

Carat Version 2.0: It’s more about communication than media planning

Carat Media Services on Friday announced its global initiative to reposition itself as a communications planning agency. Communication planning will now be an integral part of its offering through the newly rolled out global 3C process.

With media choices multiplying exponentially, consumers want control and demand content whenever and wherever they want. The changing media and consumer environment and the critical need to build lasting relationship makes communications planning imperative for marketers.

Communication planning recognises consumers as people first and media moving beyond just conventional forms like TV and print to forms like experiential digital branded content.

Carat had introduced a media independent agency in India a decade back. Since then, media unbundling has gained momentum and has become a trend. In 2006, Carat has yet again played a vital role in brand fortunes. Curiosity, creativity and collaboration – the 3 C process launched under the global initiative of Carat will provide a more accountable and responsible approach to brands.

Speaking on the transformation, Patrick Stahle, Acting CEO, Asia Pac Region, Carat, said, “In order to provide a higher level of brand experience, organisations will now need to have far superior involvement with the brand. With offerings such as communications planning added to Carat’s bouquet of services, the approach will become far more consumer-centric, integrated and synergistic. The new approach would be more aligned and responsible to the marketing objective of urbanisation and Carat will become the single window for accountability to the client for achieving the desired results.”

The strategic profile of Carat in future will move in a holistic offering ranging from communications strategy, engagement planning, seamless execution and econometric evaluation of the campaigns.

Charles Berley Jenarius, Group CEO, Carat India, said, “Carat will evolve a more consumer-centric planning as compared to the channel-centric planning so far. The only objective will be to create a greater consumer engagement through experience based activities and to increase RoIs for clients while being accountable. Carat now has a truly differentiated offering that has been tested among some of the leading advertisers in some of the leading markets across the world.”

Commenting on the evolution of Communications Planning, Rob Kabus, Regional Director, Communications Planning, Asia Pacific region, said, “The 3C process will enable us to continually find new and better ways to connect our clients with their consumers through communication. Today, we have become managers of content from messengers of content as content is everything and there is a need to customise and create a focussed role for each channel of communication.”

K Subramanian, Executive Director, who will be in charge of Deep Blue (Communication Planning) and SPI (Econometric Modelling), said, “Along with creating a holistic engagement plan, we shall strive to evaluate the efficacy and RoI of each of the engagement plan components to make marketing a truly scientific learning process.”

P V Narayanamoorthy, Regional Director, Strategic Resources, APAC, will now help facilitate this transition and assist in seamlessly integrating communications planning with traditional media planning and raise the bar on the overall planning product.

Narayanamoorthy said, “How to achieve transformation using the right combination of tools will become extremely imperative for the success of this programme. In order to provide a consistent and consolidated experience to our clients, a few things become very important – viz. joint training across business partners, encouraging case studies and best practices, expanding people’s mind to explore connections and immersion with the consumers to gain a deeper understanding of the consumer.”

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