Others Carat Regional management in action, all geared to launch Deep Blue & SPI in India in 2006

Carat Regional management in action, all geared to launch Deep Blue & SPI in India in 2006

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Dec 01,2005 8:38 AM

Carat Regional management in action, all geared to launch Deep Blue & SPI in India in 2006

Carat Media is taking steps to ensure that it is gaining more ground in the regional markets, with special focus on India and China. Among the various steps that the organisation under the new regional management is taking to ensure better foothold in these markets is launching Communication Planning unit Deep Blue and SPI (Strategy, Productivity, Insight) in India in 2006.

The new regional management was instituted almost a month back with David Verklin, Regional CEO as the overall head. In the new management, the Asia Pacific is divided in two segments – North Asia, which comprises India and the Philippines among other markets, and South Asia, which comprises markets like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore in addition to Australia.

While Thomas Wong is looking after North as Regional Director, North Asia, Richard Halmarick is his counterpart for the South. Both officials report to Verklin. The other key members of this management are Anna Azilli, MD, Carat International, and Regional CFO Kym Pfitzner. Among the other key regional members are Michael R Johns, CEO, SPI - Japan; Rob Kabus, EVP, Communication Planning - APAC; and PV Narayanamoorthy for Strategic Resource.

The importance that the new regional management is placing on the India market is obvious in the fact that two specialist units that aim at bringing differentiated solutions to clients are in the process to establish in India. The first to come is Deep Blue in January 2006. The brand will focus on delivering communication planning to its clients.

Kabus, who is looking after this brand, divulged, “We will work with all disciplines – PR, DM and even with creative agencies to be able to come with one big idea that can be expressed across mediums in different ways. It is not just about reaching the consumer at various touch points but reaching them in a way, that is, engaging only then they are listening.”

SPI, on the other hand, takes media tools to another high with concepts like econometrics. Johns informed here that even as they are sure that SPI is coming to India in 2006, SPI officials are in active talks with Indian clients to ascertain how soon should the brand come to India.

With various models like marketing mix model and consumer model, the agency aims at predicting the results of strategies that clients undertake in answer to market dynamics. The coming of both these units will strengthen Carat Media’s position further in the Asia market.

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