Others Befuddled… bas yun hi – Shanta Saikia

Befuddled… bas yun hi – Shanta Saikia

Author | Shanta Saikia | Friday, Jan 01,2010 9:36 AM

Befuddled… bas yun hi – Shanta Saikia

As I sit down to write about my wishes for 2010 amid fireworks going off around me as people ring in the New Year, all I can think about is that may 2010 keep bringing in fireworks of the ‘news’ kind – good news of course. It’s been a while since we’ve had some consistent good news in the industry.

On the professional front I wish to get more insightful reports to chew on, rewrite and present in newer ways. Time is of essence in the online media, and I wish my team keeps its every watchful eyes on the clock – while filing their reports, while contacting their sources. Deadlines are sacrosanct.

A random thought – I have always been so befuddled and bemused by the language in the reports that I get to edit. Some are hilarious and downright ridiculous. Being a ‘deskie’ has its own share of challenges and funny moments.

The SMS lingo often trickles down into the reports. I confess to being old school as far as language purity is concerned. Hence, I have never got the hang of this shortened form of language. The murder of vowels causes me to wince in no small measure.

I wish to see some more refined language, the subtle nuances that English language provides.

I wish to see more insightful feature reports on exchange4media.

I wish to see salaries go up this year – in the overall industry

I wish to see peace reign, jobs restored, more new launches, old players fortifying their presence, more travel…

Well, those were my ‘Miss Universe’ moments of wishing for ‘world peace’ all round.

May all have a rocking year ahead and achieve their personal goals.

Go have an adventure…

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