Others BBC to unveil research on the ‘Global Indian’

BBC to unveil research on the ‘Global Indian’

Author | Malini Menon | Thursday, Aug 11,2005 7:51 AM

BBC to unveil research on the ‘Global Indian’

BBC World is conducting a detailed research project on the attitude, behaviour and media consumption patterns of the ‘global’ Indian, which will be accessible to media planners, account supervisors and MNCs planning to set up shop in India.

On the research’s objective, Jeremy Nye, Head of Research and Planning, said, “India is such a dynamic market that everybody is interested in knowing what are the psychographics that truly define the global-minded Indian.”

Nye added that this could be a good tool for the international companies planning to set up shop in India or for the media planners, who are constantly monitoring the media consumption habits.

Dezma De Melo, Senior Research Manager, said that the research was being conducted in three phases. “The first phase was the exploratory one, which involved six metros and the second phase involves sizing global Indians and profiling them, which will be covering the top eight metros. The third phase will be profiling international business travelers,” she elaborated.

DeMelo further said that the results of the second phase, being conducted by Neilson, would be available by October. The first phase of the research was conducted by Shaman Marketing. She, however, added that BBC World was yet to finalise the agency that would handle the third phase of the research.

Nye said that the research was a mix of qualitative and quantitative method. “While an open ended questionnaire was used to conduct the qualitative research, for the quantitative study, the questions were on a three-point scale, which was administered to 5,000 people,” he said.

Though the survey was conducted in India, at a later stage BBC World was also looking at profiling NRIs, he added.

Asked if BBC World would be conducting a larger research profiling psychographics of other Asian countries, Nye said, “We just thought of it as an Indian study initially, because we found that there is no other market which is more dynamic than India. However, we believe now that profiling other countries can be an exciting feature. One of the markets that we could consider for studying would be the US market, which is as dynamic as the Indian one.”

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