Others Bare Associates declares India ready for Mystery Customer Research

Bare Associates declares India ready for Mystery Customer Research

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Jun 03,2005 7:36 AM

Bare Associates declares India ready for Mystery Customer Research

Bare Associates International, a Virginia-based global firm providing organisations with key information on customer service, satisfaction and loyalty, believes India is ready for Mystery Customer Research (MCR). BAI has an international office at Antwerp, Belgium and sales offices at Sao Paulo and Mumbai.

BAI is in business since the past 18 years, and is a leading provider of Global MCR Programmes. It supports 4500 clients globally spread across various spheres like finance, travel, restaurants, telecom, IT, banking among others.

MCR, which is one-billion dollar industry, is a practice of using certified/trained customers to anonymously visit and objectively document service experience, sales, employee integrity among other key findings.

While the six Ps of MCR are people, product, place, promotion, pricing and positioning, its benefits include monitoring of service programme, staff encouragement and positive customer relationships among others.

While MCR is an unknown concept in South America and Africa, it has picked up growth in Europe and is in the maturity stage as far as North America is concerned. Asia is in the awareness stage.

Michael Bare, President, BAI, said, “India is ready for MCR as competition is fast changing market dynamics, eventually making service a key differentiator. Moreover, since the consumer base has become less tolerant of inefficiency, MCR acts as a handy tool.”

The people acting as mystery shoppers on an average, need to work for only as little as two hours a day. Only those who enjoy doing the job are roped in to act as mystery shoppers, though those with technical background may have an edge over others. Global research companies have woken up to the significance of MCR towards efficiency in organisations.

“The goal of BAI is to reveal the true nature of your business. There are a few MCR providers who also offer training but we choose to focus on our forte which is only MCR,” he said.

Bhairavi Sagar, who started off as a mystery customer, is today the Sales Director of Bare Associates International.

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