Others Attack Aftermath: Media houses initiate fightback against terror

Attack Aftermath: Media houses initiate fightback against terror

Author | Puneet Bedi Bahri | Thursday, Dec 04,2008 6:52 AM

Attack Aftermath: Media houses initiate fightback against terror

December 3 saw people from various parts of the country come out to express their solidarity with the Mumbai terror attacks victims in peace marches. It’s time for introspection and fighting back terrorism. Media houses such as NDTV Profit, India Today Group, DNA, and Mid-Day have launched various initiatives to take on terror. exchange4media takes a look.

NDTV Profit has launched ‘Ideas for Change’, a campaign for progressive change. Through this campaign, NDTV Profit is inviting people to join in to get answers to pertinent questions on India’s security, intelligence, infrastructure, corporate activism and crisis management.

Shivnath Thukral, Managing Editor, NDTV Profit, said, “The threat to India is intensifying and the recent attacks on Mumbai have shaken not just corporate citizens of Mumbai, but everyone across the country. The time has come for citizens of India to take a pledge and join hands to curb this growing menace. Through this campaign we aim to reach out to one and all and give them a chance to share their constructive ideas, views and suggestions on how to fight terrorism. We want CEOs to use their experience in drafting a blueprint, which will help us all to contain this terror.”

As part of this campaign, the channel will host a special show called ‘Ideas for Change’ at 10:30 pm everyday. The show went on air on December 1 and is anchored by Shaili Chopra, who invites top CEOs and officials from India and seeks their ideas on how to solve this grave problem. This campaign is not limited to television alone, but also extends to the Internet, mobile phones and on ground initiatives.

Speaking about Mid-Day’s plans, its Group Editorial Director, Shishir Joshi, said, “Mid-Day as a group has traditionally played the role of Mumbai’s voice. The attacks across the city have evoked a sense of outrage, especially against those in political power. Through our objective and comprehensive reportage, we have also provided Mumbai with this much-needed platform to raise their voice and question any irregularity. We also aim to provide a medium to the people to hold the leaders accountable for their inaction.”

Joshi further said, “Across our platforms of print (Mid-Day, Gujarati Mid-Day and Inquilab), radio (Radio One), Web (Mid-day.com) and mobile (short code 53650), we have created a synergised action plan. In print, we had launched a campaign ‘Enough’, 24 hours after the attack. It is an expression of public outcry, communicating that we’ve had enough of the leaders’ insensitivity. Within the newspaper, across all the days since the tragedy took place, we have devoted all our pages, all our sections in Mumbai tracking the news, providing updates and identifying heroic tales.”

“We also have a double-spread every day, a section titled ‘Enough’, which tracks all the events, messages and emails and blogs around the activities such as candle light vigils and peace marches taking place across Mumbai,” he added.

Talking about the initiative on radio, Joshi said, “We have launched a ‘One Spirit, One Mumbai’ campaign, wherein people can call in with their questions and support the peace rally. We have also worked closely with the Mumbai Police in providing guidelines on traffic for the rally and alerts and cautionary messages, which are aired regularly. We had also launched a Mid-Day helpline on radio, providing updates during the entire period of the hostage crisis.”

“Our website has been a great source of news for people across the country and abroad. Through constant alerts, updates, videos and blogs, we have kept people, who did not have access to other media, abreast of the latest happenings,” he added.

Meanwhile, India Today Group has also launched a movement titled ‘Declare War on Terror’. The mission of this movement is to bring all Indians together to fight and counter terrorism in all forms. To advance this mission, the India Today Group movement on terrorism will develop programmes and partnerships in areas such as empowering public opinion against all forms of terrorism and influencing decision makers at the highest level, fighting against those who kill innocents, supporting measures that ensure safety, exposing corruption and incompetence that endangered safety and security, defeating the enemy by having zero tolerance of terror, eliminating forces that propagate hate and promote unity among the people of India.

Speaking on DNA’s initiative, Sheena Saji, Head of Marketing, said, “In the wake of the recent terror attacks, we at DNA are using the power of the press to give not only voice to the concerns of the citizens of Mumbai, but have also launched a ‘one of a kind’ public service initiative from December 1 – ‘Eyes & Ears’ People Protection Group, which says ‘Somebody Needs To Protect This City, Let’s Start With You’. We we ask people to register with ‘Eyes & Ears’ after which one can report anything suspicious that they see around them, post which, DNA will interact with the concerned authority and investigate the complaint. We are hopeful that this would go a long way in protecting ourselves and the city at large. We will be using our own media extensively to get the message across.”

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