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Others ATG introduces new tools to move up the value chain

ATG introduces new tools to move up the value chain

Author | Tuhina Anand | Tuesday, Jul 04,2006 8:43 AM

ATG introduces new tools to move up the value chain

ATG (Advanced Techniques Group), which is in the business of providing best strategic planning solutions to clients by addressing their marketing and media issues, is ready to take a leap and go up the value chain. With the focus now on marrying technology with best modeling insights, it has introduced a web-enabled tool called ATG Live.

The challenge is to provide good analytical solutions by drawing insights from modeling live to the end-user so that one can carry out the simulation on a continuous basis. This means a continuous updating of the technique to capture all the market dynamics.

Said Sandeep Pandey, National Business Director, ATG, “We have introduced a new tool called ATG Live, a web-enabled tool. This will help our clients have access to live and most updated information about all their campaigns and activities. This will also give the true RoI of investment, which is the key weapon for CMOs and CEOs to track business performance and spends.”

ATG Live delivers business performance, marketing activities and insights through an interactive portal.

Pandey informed that yet another initiative from ATG would be to measure individual consumer responses in order to make planning more robust. The idea is to focus on relationship marketing (one-to-one marketing). ATG is helping with greater insights and understanding of the influence of this new marketing style on the performance of business by creating individual response functions.

On the response since ATG’s inception, he said, “Over the last six years, ATG has come a long way and has fostered relationships with clients purely on the success that we have delivered to them. This has been based on providing and implementing marketing ROI solutions to clients worldwide.”

He elaborated, “To explain simply, the success is achieved through measurement, and consequent improvement in the returns on our clients’ investment.” In the past, ATG has helped implement marketing modeling and optimisation capabilities across a number of brands to deliver timely insights for day-to-day tactical planning. Besides, it has helped clients increase share, revenues and profits while minimising marketing spend, helped maximises true marketing ROI and forecast business moves.

ATG addresses business concerns of clients ranging from pricing, distribution, promotion, advertising and various other components. It helps quantify the variables, comparing the impact on sales, hence identifying the weak link. Say, at one point of time client `X’, despite its marketing initiative, fails to meet the sales target, ATG would step in and analyse and quantify the problem area. In case it is poor distribution, the client can improve its distribution with higher penetration in various identified markets. Similarly, in Phase 2, ATG could find that though distribution is in place, there is some advertising related problem, which then needs to be looked into by the company.

Besides business consultants, ATG is helped by its Global Analytic Center in Bangalore, which has a team of statisticians and economists. This team is responsible for providing the best model for a client based on the numbers that come out during analysis.

ATG has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata.

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