Others ATG and MCI tool to quantify below the line effectiveness

ATG and MCI tool to quantify below the line effectiveness

Author | Shubha Kumble | Monday, Mar 01,2004 5:52 AM

ATG and MCI tool to quantify below the line effectiveness

Below the line activities have never received their true credit due to a number of reasons — the lack of a measurability being one of them. ATG and MCI’s new measuring tool promises to change all that. Called M Impact, it offers enhanced brand-consumer interaction across various activity platforms, thereby measuring the activity’s effectiveness.

According to V Balasubramanium, National Director, ATG and MCI, despite the high effectiveness of below the line activities, planners, due to a lack of synergy within the medium, often neglect them. With over a year spent in its making, M Impact addresses the lack of measurability and caters mainly to the needs of marketing directors.

To achieve its objective, the agency went about mapping consumer insights across different product categories. According to Balasubramanium, these insights are linked with a number of activity platforms. While the group’s MCI unit creates the insights, its Broadmind unit that deals with below the line activities offers inputs on various local activity areas. The basic benefit of the tool lies in its ability to organize brand-consumer meetings.

“Previous interactions have only allowed consumers to see and hear the brand. Through M Impact the bonding between brand and consumer is quantified, there by enhancing it,” says Balasubramanium. The tool applies a basic data mechanism that allows the client to study the effectiveness of an activity besides measuring the return on investment. Such a tool would be especially beneficial given the need of local activities to reinforce or supplement the effect of mass media in specific audience pockets.

Having undergone a number of pilot tests, the tool has proved to be effective with different brands across all categories. Balasubramanium counts three main benefits that the tool offers, “Through M Impact, the brand can look at its mass media plan and identify the areas where there is under delivery in the local market. Two, it will be able to plan an activity in the specific market, and third, the brand can invest in the chosen activities and will receive a quantifiable result for its investments.”

Once maintained over a period of time, the brand will establish a continuous response chain to its activities where it can study this quantified response. M Impact is currently undergoing final touch ups and will be ready for application by mid March.

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