Others Apris enters Indian media world today

Apris enters Indian media world today

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Jun 01,2004 7:49 AM

Apris enters Indian media world today

Here comes a new entrant to the Indian media world. Apris Media and Entertainment is stepping into the arena on June 1, 2004. The entity is a joint venture of three media professionals – coming from different professional background. Indu Sagar, who left GroupM as Investment Director, was the first to talk to media about the venture. As she felt about her partners, “It is too early to divulge their names.”

However, Apris Media is conceptualised as an organisation involved in four functions – the first being events. “We will be involved in mega sports and entertainment events. We see there is high growth potential in sports as a media opportunity for clients and would like to explore new ideas in this area,” said Indu.

Apris has recently signed up for a sporting event, which is scheduled to take place in the next couple of months. As per Indu, Apris will be shortly signing up more such events. The group has also conceptualised a multi-city, multi-lingual entertainment event, which as per Indu, will be an Apris original.

The second division will deal in media consultancies. “We’ve years of experience in the industry and understanding about how it functions. We have been a part of the industry for long. This just had to be one of our divisions,” Indu said. The third division is of airtime marketing. Whereas, the fourth function is import and export of television software.

As per her, talks are on with clients and channels for all divisions. Explaining more on the latter two functions, she shared, “We got feelers from people and that encouraged us in including air-time marketing to the company’s profile. On the television software, we already have a library in place for international software, which can be used in India as well. We have also built a library for the overseas market. And, we are further adding to it.”

Indu informed that the current software collection with Apris could be used for different kinds of audience of more than one language. “With so many channels coming up and dubbed products working so well, it makes sense to treasure something like this.”

With these functions in place, what could be the value, according to her, Apris would bring to clients? “The value comes largely from our experience. We understand the business. We have closely interacted with clients and therefore understand their needs and requirements. The original ideas we have will make us stand apart from others,” Indu responded.

For her, letting go off her responsibilities was a difficult decision. “But you have to move on. And this is something I always wanted to do,” she said. To let loose her creative instincts, she is also planning to dabble in handicrafts. “We've some unique innovations planned to bring out something special for people who value quality and style under the name of Shanineo,” she said.

Coming back to Apris, she informed that the team comprised people from different walks of media. While Indu’s expertise lies in media planning and buying, her partners come from creative and sales backgrounds.

However, with yet another player in the heated media environment, more action can be expected in the field and Indu promises that with Apris around, there will be more than just action. The trio have stitched up multiple joint ventures with various experts in the field where Apris has plans to venture.

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