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Others aMap in pact with MICA, Optimum Media Solutions to set up Audience Research Lab at MICA campus

aMap in pact with MICA, Optimum Media Solutions to set up Audience Research Lab at MICA campus

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, Apr 29,2006 7:19 AM

aMap in pact with MICA, Optimum Media Solutions to set up Audience Research Lab at MICA campus

These three organisations from different domains (media planning and buying, audience measurement, and communications management) will pool their expertise, experience, and resources to do cutting edge research that would influence the way media is planned, bought, sold, and used. The beneficiaries of this research would include advertisers, media planners and buyers, broadcasters, social scientists, academic institutions, and public policy planners.

The Lab will operate under the directions of its Advisory Council. It would work with experts in social sciences, psychology, anthropology, advocacy and marketing research to bring in different dimensions for exploiting audience research data. The research output of the laboratory will be an intellectual property of the three organisations.

According to Atul Tandan, Director, MICA, “A research laboratory with the latest audience metrics on campus will help us achieve the mission of developing creative media professionals and taking the MICA education to a higher level of conceptual delivery. The set of extremely intelligent students base will be able to apply their knowledge of data analytics to develop cutting edge tools and systems to bring out insightful research publications. The MICA faculty will be able to get hands on exposure to industry databases and undertake high end research, as access to aMap data will be provided on a daily basis across wide demographics. Historical archives of aMap data will also enable faculty to undertake longitudinal studies about changing choices of India television audiences.”

The laboratory will be set up in a 300 sq ft area and will have all the facilities for conducting audience research, including aMap Reporter Workstations, TV sets, a dedicated library and provision for conducting workshops.

aMap utilises latest technology and provides online access to its database through reporter workstations. As all the data resides on the aMap servers, the research faculty and students can gain access to years of data at the speed of thought. The overnight nature of the ratings also enables the researchers to bringing out relevant researches in a timely manner.

Moreover, the laboratory will also be equipped with nine TV sets that could be utilised to monitor and analyse numerous channels at the same time along with online audience data.

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