Others ACNielsen–ORG integrates services to bring in Total Client Management

ACNielsen–ORG integrates services to bring in Total Client Management

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Jan 14,2005 7:07 AM

ACNielsen–ORG integrates services to bring in Total Client Management

Following a change in the leadership at ACNielsen ORG-Marg and Partha Rakshit assuming duties as Managing Director, the market survey and information group is now bringing in change in its business structure. The agency is breaking the historical wall segregating the retail and the customised segments and has brought in place the concept of Total Client Management (TCM). With this, the retail and customised units will service clients together.

Traditionally, these divisions have always operated as silos. Sharing more, Rakshit says, “We have a separate retail and a separate customised research team, who visit the client separately. There is no communication between the two. I think this is where we can leverage our expertise.”

For Rakshit, integrating the synergies of the retail and customised segments of ACNielsen has been a priority from the day one. “I believe we under-utilised the synergies of these two divisions. I have shared this idea with various clients and they have been very positive about having one team, which services them as a unit than two separate ones,” he points out.

Commenting on the reason of the separate functions so far, he says, “There is no particular reason or objective behind this. It has come down traditionally. Earlier, retail was ORG and customised wing was MARG – with the two operating on different philosophies. Even after the merger, the barriers were not broken.”

While giving reasons for integration of the two units, Rakshit asserts, “Client benefits. Customised research takes care of specific problems. If this has retail data to back it up, I can see many valuable insights that we can give to clients. We recently had a meeting for all our senior leaders and they are all very happy with this approach.”

“We’re aiming to implement TCM by next month. We will start with a few clients and take it forward from there,” Rakshit shares, “Since this is our core businesses working together with the same people at the helm of affairs, there would be no specific head of TCM.”

For every client, presently there is a retail head and a customised head. In the new structure, these heads would service the client as a team. In this duo, depending on the seniority of the people involved, one would take the TCM mantle. The team with a retail head would report to Sujit Das Munshi, who heads the Retail function. And the team with a customised head would report into Sarang Panchal, who heads Customised Research.

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