Others 7UP targets POS for increased sales: a Percept Retail case study

7UP targets POS for increased sales: a Percept Retail case study

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Wednesday, May 02,2007 8:57 AM

7UP targets POS for increased sales: a Percept Retail case study

The emergence of hypermarkets and supermarkets has increased the importance of Point-Of-Sale (POS) advertising much more than before. Experts have been echoing the fact that POS is vital in any brand’s media plan. Soft drink player 7UP has decided to give importance to this medium and has worked on establishing ‘Shopping made easier’ for consumers.

Percept Retail, which conducted a case study for the brand’s POS promotions, also conducted a research on shoppers’ behaviour inside stores. Based on the client’s brief – to optimise distribution of 7UP in the modern trade by making it more shop-able -- the agency started off the work by evaluating the present situation for the brand in stores.

Some of the key research findings on the behavioural patterns of shoppers brought out some important insights like ‘the supermarket shopper spends the highest time at the cash counter’, and ‘although the route taken by the shopper varied by formats, it established that complementary categories got visited together most often’. One of the most important things that got established by this study was that planned product placements are of utmost importance for increase in sales.

Gauging the high traffic areas and hot spots for 7UP, the product was then placed accordingly at various parts of the stores. An important point that came across is that 38 per cent conversion happens at end cap. The agency found out a solution by placing 7UP with frequently visited categories -- impulsive purchases showed an increase by placing 7UP near liquor, snacks and ready-to-eat products.

The study also revealed that POS display at perimeters encourages impulsive conversion as shoppers spend 73 per cent of time tracking the perimeter.

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