The OOH theme year is "The BIGGER Picture" and refers to a keen understanding of where out of home fits into the “the big picture” of media. What the strengths are and where it is getting lost. Why brands are still apprehensive in adopting the medium. What the domains’ challenges are including still being unorganised, unaccountable and unsatisfactorily measurable. Accepting ground realities, moving around them to not only capture the brands attention but positioning out of home as the dominant media through ad campaigns. Further, while the world over the OOH medium embraces digital, in India it still is only 10% of the universe. In such a scenario isn’t OOH still ill equipped to embrace creatively the real power of the digital integration. What are the roadblocks? While the world is pegging a 2020 vision India OOH is still stuck 20 years back. To this increasingly complex big picture – lets look at putting solutions to work – it may require shifting focus from working in cilos on out of home advertising, to looking at the essential role out of home can play in the broad advertising perspective.


3:00 PM : Networking High Tea & Registration
4:30 PM : Welcome Address by Nawal Ahuja, Co Founder exchange4media
5:00 PM : Keynote Address by Arvind Lal, Chairman & MD, Dr.Lal PathLabs + Q/A
5:30 PM : Panel Discussion: Vision 2020 : Looking forward or stuck 20 years back + Q/A
#OOH2016 - Vision 2020 : Looking forward or stuck 20 years back
Part 1 Part 2
  1. Adopting Technology for enhanced customer experience integrating with digital media – Are we ready to invest first and reap later?
  2. Integrate hyper local media with other traditional media touch point for sustained awareness- ready to embrace the larger picture that fits into National campaigns while continuing the retail outreach?
  3. Innovation & Engagement are 2 sides of the same coin- is enough Innovation being done or merely properties are being engaged for revenues
7:00 PM: NEONS Awards 2016