It's time for a NewsCap
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Theme: Time for a newscap!

  • 3pm-3:10 pm: Welcome Address- Mr. Annurag Batra

  • 3:10pm-3:25 pm: Key note: Recapping the Newscap- Mr. Arnab Goswami

  • 3:25pm-3:40 pm: Q&A with Arnab Goswami

  • 3:40pm-3:55pm: Special Address-Mr. Riz Khan

  • 3:55pm-4:10pm: Q & A with Mr. Riz Khan

  • 4:10pm-4:55pm: Panel 1: 12 minute bane Vs FDI boon?  
    The 12 minute advertising cap -Will the relief last beyond March 2014? Or is it a step to wipe the slate clean of all small and medium broadcasters? What are the alternative revenue streams if any that may emerge with such a cap? Will it further effect- the credibility of news rather than increase content on channels? What of the small and medium advertisers- -do they resort to cable channels and what regulations on that? An estimated indigenous revenue loss of 500cr is envisaged, along with High Carriage fees and digitization benefits still a distance, does increasing FDI in broadcast content & carriage entail better quality of content and distribution of resources?

  • 4:55pm-5:40pm: Panel 2: Not for Profit media- an oxymoron?
    Has the time come to vigorously insulating media from the compulsions and vagaries of market and bring about greater objectivity in dealing with news and views. People like Pierre Omdiyar and Bezos are talking about a new kind of philanthropy where the donation is for a commercial venture without any expectation of return, and these ventures include helping such media without expectation of any financial return. Is India ready for ‘Not for profit Media’?

  • 5:40pm-6:25pm: Panel 3: The voice of the people
    In a race to news- both national and international, is what the viewer wants being sidelined? Is the penultimate TRP representative of the mood of the civil society? Are we producing clones that leave little room for innovation and choice for the viewer? Is there a lack of confidence in putting up that which may break the clutter? Hear from representatives of society – what is it that they want?

  • 6:25pm-6:40pm: Valedictory: AIB CEO Simon Spanswick

  • 7:30pm: enba2013