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Zee Cinema launching mythological films series ‘Bhakti Ki Shakti’

Zee Cinema launching mythological films series ‘Bhakti Ki Shakti’

Zee Cinema is starting a mythological movie series called ‘Bhakti Ki Shakti’ under which mythological movies will be aired every Sunday at 9 am from June 17 onwards. Films like ‘Lav Kush’, ‘Nagina Ek Vardaan’, ‘Maa Durga’, ‘Divya Haathi’, ‘Hari Darshan’, ‘Sampoorna Ramayana’, and ‘Jai Mahalaxmi Maa’, ‘Shirdi Ke Sai Baba’ will be shown.

As part of the promotion, the channel is conducting a special ‘Bhakti ki Shakti’ Aarti at Mumbai’s famous Siddhivinayak temple to announce the launch of the programme.

Mohan Gopinath, Deputy Business Head – Zee Cinema, said, “The channel is all about enhancing Indian values. Our viewer is the quintessential Indian who values love, warmth and friendliness and is deeply rooted within Indian culture. Through ‘Bhakti Ki Shakti’, Zee Cinema is aiming to strike a chord with these people who love watching mythological movies. We are also inviting viewers to share their spiritual experiences with us.”

Viewers can also participate in the ‘Bhakti Ki Shakti’ contest on Zee Cinema, wherein they can write about their own spiritual experiences, send it to the channel, and win prizes. Some of them will also be profiled on Zee Cinema to share their experiences during the airing of the films.

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