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Animal Planet to show 'Land of the Tiger' from April 2

Animal Planet to show 'Land of the Tiger' from April 2

In line with its commitment to explore the various facets of wildlife, Animal Planet has planned to showcase a new series titled Land of the Tiger spanning over five weekends starting from April 2. The series will be aired every Saturday at 10 pm.

Produced by Mike Birk Head and presented by Valmik Thapar, the series focuses on one region or habitat type highlighting all of its opulent beauty from dramatic landscapes and spectacular plants to magnificent animals.

On the title, Land of the Tigers, Pankaj Saxena, VP, Programming, Discovery Networks, said, "It's not about tigers, it's about the vibrancy of huge wildlife. Tigers are held in high esteem in India."

The series will highlight wildlife throughout the length and breadth of India through six different episodes namely, Tiger's Domain, Sacred Waters, Unknown Seas, The Desert Kingdom, Mountains of the Gods and Monsoon Forests.

Commenting on the association of wildlife with the people of India, Saxena said, "Wildlife is not only important on TV, it is present in every culture, every music and every art that is how it is connected with the Indian people."

Filmed over a period of more than three years, the series has been backed with huge amount of knowledge and portray the different aspects of Indian wildlife spanning from the Indus to Andaman and Nicobar to as far as the Himalayas.

Saxena said, "Valmik is extremely well informed and extremely telegenic. He has got great clarity and conviction to put across his words and represents the concern and knowledge of the Indian wildlife."

The channel is looking at providing real life intelligent entertainment to viewers throughout April by certain strong and interesting series like King of the Jungle, Animal Instinct Tsunami and Return of the Cheetah.

The channel has adopted a strategy to promote its series through print campaigns in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. On air promotions and web promotions are also being looked at.

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