Writer: Noor Fathima Warsia - Tuesday, Nov 23,2004 8:07 AM

STAR India streamlines senior echelon, induces change in profiles

STAR India streamlines senior echelon, induces change in profiles

STAR India has induced a few changes in the profile of its senior management personnel. The motive is to streamline operations in a manner that the number of people reporting into STAR India’s COO Sameer Nair is reduced and additional charges are added on to other senior level people.

The Sr. VP, Content and Communication, Deepak Segal has been given the additional charge of Channel [V] and STAR Vijay. In effect, this makes him the network’s head. With this move, Channel [V]’s, Sr VP, Content and Communication, Amar Deb and Vijay’s Harsh Rohatgi would be reporting to Segal. In addition to this, the network’s BOnE unit would also be now reporting to Segal.

Another significant development would be seen with the network’s administration head Sohail Buddha reporting to Sonali Thakkar, who was taking care of HR. Rajesh Kamat, who has been made the Sr VP of Media and Communications from AVP, continues to oversee the commercial responsibilities of the channel, involving acquisitions, media buying and international negotiations.

Apart from the aforementioned reporting to Nair, others who would continue to report to him would be Ajay Vidyasagar (Head, Marketing and Communication), Kevin Vaz (EVP, Ad Sales) and Tony D’ Silva (Head, Distribution).

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