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Punjab Kesari launches Jammu edition; Hind Samachar in Urdu makes its way to J&K

Punjab Kesari launches Jammu edition; Hind Samachar in Urdu makes its way to J&K

Punjab Kesari, the Hindi Newspaper from the Punjab Kesari Group, Jalandhar, has launched a Jammu edition recently. The Group has also launched its Urdu newspaper, Hind Samachar, in Jammu and Kashmir. Hitherto, Punjab Kesari was published from Jalandhar and circulated in Jammu and Kashmir.

According to Amit Chopra, Group Director, Punjab Kesari, Jalandhar, the primary reason for launching a Jammu edition was that Jammu and Kashmir was growing exponentially and, therefore, there was a need for the newspaper to reach on time. “The new edition will not only increase the growth potential of the newspaper by 20 per cent, but also reduce transportation time and cost,” Chopra added.

A new printing press has been installed in Jammu, which is capable of a 24-page newspaper, of which 18 pages can be in colour. The Punjab edition of the newspaper is all colour, but the Jammu edition will have 15 pages in colour. Chopra said that an investment of Rs 5 crore had been made in the new project.

Promotional activities would primarily include hoardings and door-to-door campaigns. “We are not emphasising too much on advertising campaigns because we already have a presence in the Jammu market,” Chopra added.

The content of Punjab Kesari is 25 per cent local news, 25 per cent regional news, while the rest caters to national news. The same rule will be applicable to the Jammu edition as well, with the emphasis on local news gradually increasing.

The Punjab Kesari Group, Jalandhar, owns three newspapers – Punjab Kesari in Hindi, Jag Bani in Punjabi and Hind Samachar in Urdu.

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