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Writer: Pallavi Goorha Kashyup - Friday, May 28,2010 8:46 AM

Ad Review: Tropicana 100% juice – making a meal out of a rushed breakfast

Ad Review: Tropicana 100% juice – making a meal out of a rushed breakfast

Sharpening its focus on making healthy breakfast options widely available for consumers, PepsiCo has launched a new campaign for its fruit juice brand Tropicana 100%. The new campaign focuses on making Tropicana 100% as an integral ingredient for a complete breakfast, especially on rushed weekdays.

Client: PepsiCo
Brand: Tropicana 100%
Agency: JWT
Medium: Television

The Brief:

Homi Battiwalla, Director - Juice and Juice Drinks, PepsiCo India, said, “Tropicana has been very successful with the initiatives behind its 100% range of juices, which included the launch of the new mixed fruit juice last year. The new Tropicana 100% juice communication, aims to unlock the juice category in India, by positioning it as a critical constituent of the breakfast menu. With the growing lifestyle trend of ‘rushed breakfast’, nutrition often tends to get compromised. The new campaign introduces the powerful functional benefit of nine natural fruit nutrients in the juice.”

Hari Krishnan, Vice President, JWT India said, “Tropicana as a brand is all about nutrition. The new campaign ‘Let’s Make Breakfast 100%’ reinforces the wonders of a warm, nutritious and fulfilling breakfast. This serious everyday issue is tackled in an entertaining and engaging manner.”

The campaign will also be associated with a host of innovative channel-centric activities aimed at reinforcing the ‘Tropicana – complete breakfast’ concept. The brand has also revamped its packaging to highlight the nutritional benefit that Tropicana 100 per cent juices bring to one’s ‘rushed breakfast’.

The Final Product:

The new 2010 TVC takes a page out of the daily life of a typical urban household, depicting a young couple rushing through breakfast, only to find food on the plate shrinking dramatically. This baffles the man but his smile returns when his wife adds a glassful of Tropicana 100 per cent juice to the breakfast. The TVC will be complimented by a print led surround campaign that aims to educate consumers about the effect of cutting breakfast short, and how Tropicana can add nutrition to breakfast.

Xpert Comments:

Shabnam Sirur, Partner & CD, RK Swamy/BBDO said, “The ad proposes that the intake of food for working people is shrinking, and that Tropicana has nine ingredients that make up for it. It's like any other health drink ad. While the proposition is clear, it doesn't feel credible. Perhaps romancing the ingredients would have been more convincing. As a working woman, I wish I had the time to dish out a lavish menu like egg, dosa, toast and cereal every morning as is shown in the ad. Better still have a husband who is benign enough to follow my instructions on such an exhaustive diet!”

Our Take:

Creatively maybe not among the best, but the ad does manage to convey its message of Tropicana 100% being integral to getting the required nutrition in a rushed breakfast scenario.

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Tropicana 100% is misleading. I take that 'Tropicana 100%' is just a brand name. It has not actually demonstrated what is the daily allowance required and how it is matching with the requirement. I feel the ad is totally misleading the consumer and needs to to referred to Advertising council
Keep posting stuff like this i really like it
I cudnt agree more, I'd rather go for Saint, which again is 100% and I love the taste.

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