Rules & Regulations
  • The Media ACE Awards will focus on the media service agencies only. Mainline agencies such as advertising agencies will not be a part of the nominations/awards.
  • All information provided in the forms is solely for the purpose of judging and will not be made public. However, entrants may indicate various sensitive parts of their entry in the entry form by marking ‘Not for Publication’. This information will be marked and treated as confidential.
  • e4m understands disclosing billing numbers and financial data might be sensitive. If you don't wish to provide specific information, do mention approx or ballpark numbers. Providing as much information to the jury as possible would help in jury evaluating your entry better.
  • In case ballpark numbers are also not shared, you could use the range for billings provided in the grid.
  • Nominations in all categories are open to all Indian languages and English.
  • All nominations MUST be submitted in the original language of the work. However, in case of the original work accomplished in language other than English or Hindi, the entrant needs to submit an English language translation of the work.
  • The nomination submitted must have been released/ submitted/ published for the first time to the public between 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016. The last date of submitting nominations is 4th July 2016.
  • The submission of the Nomination Form assumes that entrants have carefully read the terms and other information and agree to abide by them.
  • Each nomination should be accompanied by a testimonial or reference from client to aid the jury. Letter of commendation provided by key client CMO/s of respective agencies along with entries will add extra weight to your entry. Jury will be inclined to take note.
  • Each nomination should provide the volume of media handled, which should be written on company letterhead and signed by CEO or MD of the organization.
  • Adsert Web Solutions Limited (Organizer of these awards) may refuse nominations which offend national or religious sentiments or public taste.
  • The organizers may contact the client related to any nomination at the request of the jury at any time during the voting process should any questions about the implementation or presentation of the work arise.
  • The organizers will endeavour to move nominations to more appropriate categories if necessary.
  • Nomination forms are category specific. Please download the forms from the respective categories only.
  • Nominations will not be considered complete until the compulsory documents have been uploaded on google drive/YouTube and creative URL to the same shared along with the nominations.
  • All information in the nominations must be submitted for judging exactly as it is and may not be modified for awards nomination.
  • Nominations which are not prepared using the specific template may be disqualified.
  • Nominations need to be submitted with all the relevant details that are being asked for. The organizers will not be responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information.
  • A creative URL is MANDATORY. However a physical CD/USB of the work can also be sent along at the e4m address mentioned in the contact page with a covering letter giving details of the award nomination.
  • The PowerPoint and/or any other image or AV of the work needs to be uploaded through YouTube or Google Drive and the URL needs to be provided on the reference material URL field. The file size should not exceed 2 MB (For PowerPoint and maximum of 5 slides) or 2 minutes (For Videos) maximum. Also make sure to change the settings to public if submitted through Google drive. The content shared through these mediums should rest/be available atleast till the awards nite.
  • Video needs to be shared in AVI or MPEG4 format, whichever is applicable or both. In case of any image, it needs to be shared in a PPT Format only.
  • Sending nominations doesn’t guarantee awards. Each and every nomination goes through judging process and winners are chosen on the basis of content submitted.
  • Delegate registration is independent of submission of entries.Click here to attend Media Aces Awards Nite.
  • For any query reach out to and

For any technical assistance,
please contact:

Deep Narayan: +91 95682 29721

Deep Narayan: +91 95682 29721

Deep Narayan: +91 95682 29721

For clarifications regarding categories, entry fee, materials, please contact:

Abhishek Dutta: +91 99106 04791

Shiwang Singh: +91 98730 47176

Suparnaa Chadda: (Event Curator)

For sponsorship opportunities,
please contact:

Delhi             Runa Sinha            +91 9810497903
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