Zanis Imaging launches Dr. Photo – a chain of photo retail stores

Zanis Imaging launches Dr. Photo – a chain of photo retail stores

Author | Jasmeen Dugal | Monday, Jan 26,2004 8:40 AM

Zanis Imaging launches Dr. Photo – a chain of photo retail stores

With prices of entry-level digital cameras falling below the Rs 10,000 barrier, more and more companies are gearing up to tap digitalization in the Indian camera market. To meet the evolving demands of the discerning photographer, Zanis Imaging yesterday launched Dr. Photo – the first in a proposed chain of photo retail stores, offering a range of photography products and innovative services.

Ajay Mehta, CEO, Dr. Photo states, “This store is the beginning of a nationwide chain of exclusive photo-retail stores, which will revolutionize the photo-retail market in the country, firmly positioning us to lead the wave of digital photography which promises to become all-pervasive in the near future.”

Affirms Hemant Sharma, Director-Operations, Dr. Photo, “Dr. Photo is the first chain of photo retail stores that encompasses a wide range of products, innovative services, pleasant in-store ambience and unmatched customer service quality. The store has used technology to come up with many interesting services. We expect to take Dr. Photo to many more cities in the next few months and establish a strong brand presence.”

Dr. Photo offers products/ services across three categories – hardware sales, comprehensive developing & printing services, and a mobile service that allows consumers the convenience of having customized prints developed and delivered. The ‘Digital Kiosk’ service will help customers select, touch-up and print high-quality images from their digital cameras.

Dr. Photo’s customer relationship program will reward repeat customers with consumer friendly incentives, delivering added value with each transaction or referral. The store also provides customers the facility of being notified when their order is ready through SMS, email or telephone. Furthermore, all courier shipments can be tracked through an airway bill number on the Dr. Photo website.

Dr. Photo is a joint initiative by Ajay Mehta and Hemant Sharma. Mehta heads the MCC Group, one of the largest national distribution companies in photography, with 14 offices across the country, also the exclusive India distributor for Polaroid Inc. USA and Canon Inc. – Camera Division Japan. Hemant Sharma is the Founder-Director of Trisoft Systems, a UBS Warburg-funded software services company.

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