Wunderman India enters into a strategic alliance with TLC Marketing

Wunderman India enters into a strategic alliance with TLC Marketing

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Aug 26,2005 8:12 AM

Wunderman India enters into a strategic alliance with TLC Marketing

In a bid to offer unique promotions to its clients, Wunderman India, a direct marketing communications company, has entered into an exclusive alliance with UK-based TLC Marketing.

For the uninitiated, TLC is a leading global player, which offers a ‘one stop shop’ for the creation, implementation and delivery of high-perceived value promotions that impact a company’s bottomline. The organisation has over 10 years’ experience in sourcing and negotiating travel, leisure and lifestyle incentives.

Speaking on the reason behind the tie-up, Rajat Sethi, CEO, Wunderman India, said, “This would be a new experience for the Indian consumer, and we believe a welcome one.”

He explained that in India traditionally, promotions centred on discounts and free durables, irrespective of whether they were sales promotions or festival promotions. Consequently, there was little differentiation in this offering.

Sethi further said that according to various researches done by Wunderman, the Indian consumer was changing. “We strongly believe that promotions have to be memorable and that can only happen when they offer a positive experience that is built around the brand value,” he affirmed.

Andre Healey, Director, TLC, remarked, “We work in almost 20 countries worldwide now, and our expertise allows different brands to be able to offer their consumers such experiences, which we know that the consumer has enjoyed and remembered.”

These learnings encouraged Wunderman to bring such experience to their brands in India. Said Sethi, “The whole effort was to bring in promotions that are more experiential, and we were keen to partner with a company that is best in class and experience in this part of the promotions.”

He further observed, “TLC is globally one of the largest companies experienced in this arena. They complement our services and strengthen our offering in the area. We believe that with this tie-up, the services we will be able to bring in the Indian market will make a huge difference here.”

TLC on its part is excited about the benefits that this alliance offers. “We are expanding and we can offer exciting promotions that have never been seen in the new markets that we enter. We are delighted to be here,” Healey said.

Experiences of this kind that reinforce a brand’s personality can be critical for any brand’s growth today. Working in the area of travel and leisure, TCL leverages the global presence that players of this domain like hotels and airlines have. “One of our intellectual properties is our ability to offer free incentives, be able to benefit from global excess inventory,” Healey pointed out.

While the expertise does mean that Indian consumers can look forward to some more good times, for Wunderman it is some exciting work for their clients.

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