We plan to convert into purchase over time: Elkana Ezekiel, Samsung India

We plan to convert into purchase over time: Elkana Ezekiel, Samsung India

Author | Neha Goel | Monday, Nov 28,2011 7:42 AM

We plan to convert into purchase over time: Elkana Ezekiel, Samsung India

Elkana Ezekiel, CMO, Samsung India began by giving an overview about Samsung and the products the organization deals in. Samsung’s turnover for India is $3.5 billion which makes it an important player in the Indian marketplace. With middle class becoming a major consumer of gadgets, it is important for the organization to woo the same.

Samsung, which pioneered tablets in India, started designing products for style when it realised that products in this category were mostly white. “Samsung’s LED television sets completely changed the design grammar of the category.” This was also a way for Samsung to differentiate itself from other players in the category and position themselves in the minds and hearts of the Indian middle class.

“The lack of a consistent definition makes the estimation of the middle class difficult,” expressed Ezekiel. However, he said that the number of people comprising this class wasn’t significant as this class in totality held great importance for the brand. He expects this class to be the largest consumer market in the next 10-12 years.

Speaking about marketing the products, Ezekiel revealed the trick that Samsung India follows. The trick involves bringing experience to life for consumers which is being done through smart phone cafes which showcase the entire range of Samsung Smart phones and tablets. While Samsung plans to capture the market in metros by bringing to life experience for people, in the rest of the country it plans to use distribution expansion and access for its growth.

To make it easier for consumers to relate to the Samsung products, the brand has paid special attention to engagements that appeal most to the Indian consumers like games, lifestyle, music and films. Also, the philosophy at Samsung remains to create a smart phone for everyone. It has come up with a range of mobile phones which cater to almost all the sections of the society.
Ezekiel concluded by saying that the middle class will always remain to be a very important category for Samsung. The brand aims to build the aspirational value at top end and convert it into purchase over time.

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