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Watch ROAD. Starring Manoj, Vivek, Antra and TATA Safari!

Watch ROAD. Starring Manoj, Vivek, Antra and TATA Safari!

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Sep 30,2002 7:07 AM

Watch ROAD. Starring Manoj, Vivek, Antra and TATA Safari!

The latest movie to hit multiplexes, Road features an unusual star- rugged TATA Safari. It not just is featured in promos, but has paid spot on several channels to maximize the mileage.

The movie revolves around an eloped couple (Vivek Oberoi and Antra Mali), driving thru the barren sand-swept roads of Rajasthan, in their TATA Safari of course. And in the journey they meet the villain (Manoj Bajpai), who takes a ride from the couple and then takes them through a harrowing mess of adventures. The film uses the barren landscape to great advantage, 'making its own road' for 'Tata Safari.'

And perhaps for the first time, the same concept is being carried to the brand commercials as well. Month long audio-visual campaign- 'Make your own Road ' has been released on Star News, CNBC I, Zee News, Zee English, Zee MGM, HBO, BBC World, Star Movies and AXN. And are also running in movie theatres.

Says TATA spokesperson, "Films like Road are typically what would appeal to our target audience and reinforce the attributes and brand awareness for Safari. Its attributes as a Luxurious Off Roader come across very strongly in the movie. Among the heavy weight characters that the film has - Safari's presence in the movie can be anything but ignored - it's about subtle elegance that shrouds a tough machine."

But isn't there a high risk factor in getting associated with a somewhat edgy movie? And only 10% movies do well on box office. Says Tata spokesperson, "The fate of the movie is of consequence but not that great a worry to us. Our association is with the concept- and that was a perfect marriage. Hits or flops are hard to predict but we are convinced that Road was the right platform to showcase Safari. …By the initial interest expressed on the movie we are confident of our selection."

While brands have extensively used movies in past, integrating brands in storyline is tricky. This is something, Road has done for TATA Safari with ease. Says the spokesperson, "While it may seem no different from what brands are doing today to maintain the 'image' or 'effectiveness' of what it stands for, our attempt here is to find concepts that appeal to our target audience, concepts that have a synergistic appeal to our brands. Conceptualized Branding is a realm wherein the concept must in the first place complement the brand- for instance our association with Road crosses the boundaries of conventional advertising- our attempt is to ensure that the product association fits in or rather complement the landscape and the theme."

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