Visa launches new brand identity in India with enhanced security features

Visa launches new brand identity in India with enhanced security features

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Dec 22,2005 8:18 AM

Visa launches new brand identity in India with enhanced security features

Visa International has introduced a new card design and branding in India to provide enhanced security features and offer increased business opportunities to its member financial institutions.

The new design includes an innovative holographic magnetic stripe on the back of the card. This new security component combined the ‘easy to recognise, difficult to reproduce’ hologram with the functionality of the magnetic stripe, making the card more difficult for fraudsters to reproduce and easier for merchants to recognise, Visa said in a statement.

Reliance Any Time Money Card is the first Visa payment product that has the new Visa brand identity and design in India.

Visa has also enhanced the signature panel with a tamper-evident element and a ‘VOID’ pattern underneath to provide extra levels of security. The new design supports the inclusion of the EMV chip, which has seen a significant uptake of over 35 million cards in the Asia Pacific region.

Commenting on the new brand being launched in India, Santanu Mukherjee, Country Manager-South Asia, Visa International Asia Pacific, said, “The Visa brand has always stood for the highest level of security, convenience and flexibility. Now, Visa is much more than a credit card company. Visa symbolises credit, debit, prepaid and commercial payments, as well as interbank money transfers. This new and evolved brand design reinforces the Visa brand promise, responds to the evolving payment industry needs and is not restricted to a particular payment segment or channel, but can be used in multiple environments and for multiple payment types and services. We will work closely with our member banks, merchants, partners and other agencies to ensure that the benefits of the new design meet their full potential.”

“Member banks in India issuing new cards or replacing old cards will begin to do so with the new Visa logo and brand identity and enhanced security features. This will be a gradual process over the next couple of years before all Visa-branded cards will sport the new logo and card design features in India. Until then, consumers can continue to use their valid Visa cards to make purchases and avail of the benefits of paying by plastic,” Mukherjee added.

Visa’s brand framework is being updated so that it reflects the growing choice of payment products and services that are available to buyers and sellers worldwide. The Visa brand framework had been made more flexible so that it could support new products and services, both now and in the future, and could take advantage of new areas of opportunity, the release said.

As part of the updated brand framework, the Visa mark or logo has evolved into a fresh, contemporary look, which ultimately will be featured on all materials, including merchant decals and Visa payment cards. The new design continues to use many of the features from the current Visa design, including prominent use of the Visa brand name, the blue, white and gold colours, and the italicised typestyle. The new design allocates more surface area to member banks for their business or brand messages. Member banks will have more flexibility to make distinct, creative changes to the design, colour, shape and layout of the Visa cards they issue.

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