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Video: Women are shaping India's e-commerce revolution - Shubhranshu Singh

Video: Women are shaping India's e-commerce revolution - Shubhranshu Singh

Author | Saloni Dutta | Wednesday, Oct 16,2013 8:08 AM

Video: Women are shaping India's e-commerce revolution - Shubhranshu Singh

Today’s Indian women are independent, aware of their rights and have a bigger say in important decisions in their family. This could be attributed to the gradually changing, maturing society, and also to the fact that women across different sectors are realising the importance of being economically empowered.

Shubhranshu Singh, Marketing Director, India and South Asia, Visa believes that the economic empowerment of women is happening across Tier II and III cities in India and in rural areas with the help of public sector banks and regional rural banks. “This has added another facet to marketing initiatives at Visa that are aimed at women,” added Singh.

He also spoke about the role of women in shaping the growth of the e-commerce revolution in India. Women today prefer online shopping because they find it convenient and secure, and it gives them accessibility. Visa’s ‘Dream to Advance’ campaign, which is about shopping with a higher purpose simply by accessing the internet and having any means to pay online, has built a community of about 30,000 users, half of which are women, who are actively sharing their ideas in making their dreams come true.

“With about 3.5 million views on YouTube and about 14 million exposures on Facebook within a month of its launch, this campaign has been a great experiment for us,” said Singh.

To be relevant to women today, he believes that brands must utilise unique marketing initiatives backed by proper research and avoid stereotyping.

Singh shared his views at IMPACT’s roundtable on ‘Marketing to women: How brands should communicate better to them’, which took place in Mumbai on October 8, 2013. A special issue of IMPACT on the same subject will be out on October 28.

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