Video: IBM's John Graeme Noseworthy on the four Es of Big Data

Video: IBM's John Graeme Noseworthy on the four Es of Big Data

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Wednesday, Jun 12,2013 7:30 PM

Video: IBM's John Graeme Noseworthy on the four Es of Big Data

John Graeme Noseworthy, Strategic Messaging Director – Big Data for Marketing, Media and Entertainment, IBM is a marketer on a mission. Whilst Graeme’s focus is to develop and deliver the messaging and marketing that demonstrate the value that IBM’s Pure Data Systems and Big Data Platform deliver to digital marketing, media and entertainment professionals and their CMOs around the world, he remains extremely passionate about data-driven marketing and what it can do for marketers if leveraged correctly. 

Given numerous challenges for leveraging data optimally for marketers today, Graeme shares few tips for marketers that will help them in their journey to Big Data market analytics in the form of what he calls the ‘Four Es of Data and Analytics’:

Educate – A proper understanding of what Big Data and analytics mean to your organisation and how you define it, how the marketplace in and around your industry and your competition are either applying or not applying analytics for operations.

Explore – Exploring possibilities encapsulates thinking big and understanding all the possibilities you can explore with Big Data.

Engage – Moving from learning to applying. Find a small starting point; it is critical that marketers talk to their partners in technology. Everybody needs to collaborate for mutual success, which brings you to the next area of the ability to execute.
Execute – This is the phase where the organisation actually starts delivering smarter customer experiences.

“If you can accomplish these, you won’t believe what you can do,” concluded Graeme.

To know more on Graeme’s views on Big Data, watch the video

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