Tribute: Tarun Katial : Thank you, for being you Andy….

Tribute: Tarun Katial : Thank you, for being you Andy….

Author | Tarun Katial | Thursday, Nov 24,2016 9:01 AM

Tribute: Tarun Katial : Thank you, for being you Andy….

Andy’s own Twitter header describes him the best – someone who enriched many a lives that he touched in his own way through this journey called life.

Anand Halve – Andy is we all know him was a soul with a healing touch – someone who at the core of it understood people really well – whether that was applied to consumer insights – building marketing campaigns or most importantly being able to connect with each individual uniquely and intimately. His faith in people and humanity drew all of us towards him, while his selfless approach in imparting his wealth of experience and understanding led him to build many careers.

Andy was my first teacher in brands, communication and appreciation of creative work – and the learning’s have held me good stead through my career. 

There is much written about bosses and how most of us start our careers dreading reviews, presentations and meetings with them – but then there are some who are completely the opposite – and that was Andy – his meetings were something all of us looked forward to – because it was there where the penny really dropped! 

Not only was a meeting never a meeting – a review never a review – but it was the sheer joy of being with someone who gave you as much freedom to express that he gave himself. 

Andy’s love for good poetry and Shayari as well as good music was legendary, which gave each conversation more depth and meaning – a meaning that comes back to all of us in many situations of our life. 

I so wish the Universe continues to conspire to keep his spirit alive in as many of us who were touched by him – I  for sure will try my best! 

Thank you for being you Andy…. 

(The Author is CEO RBNL)

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