To tell a story, the brand must itself become a story: Chandrasekar R

To tell a story, the brand must itself become a story: Chandrasekar R

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Jun 13,2014 8:26 AM

To tell a story, the brand must itself become a story: Chandrasekar R

Speaking on FMCG fundamentals with respect to brand storytelling at the launch of Businessworld Marketing Whitebook 2014-15,, Chandrasekar R, Head of Communications, Nestle India highlighted the key elements of effective storytelling by brands.

“I listen to stories all the time and get paid for it,” he began on a light note. He then moved on to describe the architecture of storytelling and asserted that the future of our brands will continue to depend on the stories we tell. These days there is nothing that a brand does is not known by the consumers. It is as if the consumer is peeling the layers of brands to know them in their entirety, he explained.

“Eternal human truths never change and are universal,” he said. Emotions like love, friendship, anger are universal and there is no such thing as Chinese rage, American jealousy or Korean hope, he further added. With this respect the fundamentals of some brands are strong due to which consumers not only buy products but buy into the products. Chadrasekar elaborated by asking the audience to imagine a brand as a territory. If it only relies on traditional advertising, its reach remains limited, however, consumer conversations outside of the traditional realm finish the complete jigsaw puzzle.

Presenting the Nestle video on child adoption that went viral, he said it was a classic example of the success of rich brand content. He stated how consumers have used product experiences and shared them on a large scale to make an effective example of storytelling.

Stating that technology is changing not only what we do but who we are, he spoke about the Android KitKat campaign that effectively combined print and digital in India. Combining technology with an offline idea was a huge success. Consumers are partners who teach us the wisdom of shared values, he remarked.

He concluded by summarising the following:

Eternal truths of storytelling remain the same.

Brands themselves have to become a story in order to tell a story.

Brand is a territory enhanced largely by consumer conversations.

Technology is changing what we do and who we are.

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