TNS aims to be the leader in custom market research in India: Pedro Ros, CEO, TNS

TNS aims to be the leader in custom market research in India: Pedro Ros, CEO, TNS

Author | Shikha | Tuesday, Jun 01,2010 8:19 AM

TNS aims to be the leader in custom market research in India: Pedro Ros, CEO, TNS

Following its inclusion into The Kantar Group in October 2008, WPP’s information, insight and consultancy division, TNS, the world’s largest custom market research specialist, has been growing from strength to strength. In an exclusive conversation with exchange4media, Pedro Ros, CEO, TNS, highlighted the five areas that is agency is focusing on to spur further growth.

Giving a background of TNS’ acquisition by WPP, Ros explained, “When TNS became a part of Kantar, it was reorganized. The media branch of TNS was added to Kantar Media and is now rebranded as Kantar Media, the consumer panels were rebranded as Kantar World Panel, while the healthcare business was merged with Kantar as Kantar Health. So, what we ended up with as TNS was then merged with Research International and is basically a custom business, based on five big sectors – consumer, technology, financial services, political, social and automotive sectors.”

Citing the benefits of belonging to the WPP Group, Ros said, “The benefit of being part of WPP is that we can create different kinds of relationships with different WPP companies, which are usually win-win relationships. We are doing that with Kantar Companies like Kantar Media, where we work with companies like Compete or Symphony. At the WPP level, we work with companies like Hill & Knowlton in areas like corporate reputation, where we do the research and the analysis about the situation of a company, but then we link with Hill & Knowlton on the actions that need to be taken in order to address the issues that a company may have on their positioning and their reputation as a corporation. So, I think the scope of new opportunities now is much higher as you know WPP has 200+ companies.”

On his India plans, Ros said, “Our plans are to become the leader in custom market research in India and provide advice in the above-mentioned five sectors. We are the leader worldwide – either the No. 1 or No. 2 player. In India, we have a very strong automotive sector, a strong consumer sector, strong technology sector and we are growing in financial services, but we can still do more. Also, we are taking off very well in the political and social sectors, where we are leaders in France, Germany, UK, Spain and Sweden. We feel that we can do more and we have started this year very strong in this sector. I think, based on our expertise in the region and also globally, we can achieve that objective.”

He concluded by saying that TNS was now concentrating on other areas as well – from a market research company to a trusted advisor, to provide clients not just data, but advice and consultation on their brands, the retail strategies that they had, actions regarding how to address satisfaction issues with the customers and also help them innovate.

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