The world will get to feast its eyes on the new Ford Fiesta in November

The world will get to feast its eyes on the new Ford Fiesta in November

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Sep 29,2005 8:30 AM

The world will get to feast its eyes on the new Ford Fiesta in November

Ford India is set to excite the motoring landscape with the debut of a new model, one that will be seen by the world for the very first time. An all-new model designed and engineered globally, it will be named the 'Ford Fiesta'.

Scheduled to debut in India in November 2005, the Ford Fiesta will present distinctive new exterior styling, contemporary interiors, luxurious features, exciting new colours and a whole host of new class leading technologies.

Presenting the first production prototype photograph of the Ford Fiesta, Arvind Mathew, Managing Director and President, Ford India, said, "The launch of Ford Fiesta marks a significant milestone as this is a model that will be seen by the world for the very first time. Building on a global signature of success, this model strengthens our portfolio in India and positions us to compete more aggressively."

Ford Fiesta was envisioned as a market offering for the rapidly growing mid-size segment of the passenger car industry in India. Created with the disciplines of Ford's shared technology approach, a core team of Indian engineers worked with product development teams from UK, Germany and Australia on the project.

Mathew added, "The Ford nameplate represents style, status and achievement for its owners in India. With the Ford Fiesta, we have aspired to create an exceptionally dynamic vehicle in terms of visual appeal and performance. We also reached out to Ford's product development teams across the world and challenged them to create a global car. This new Ford sedan will enhance the heritage and prestige of the Blue Oval in India ."

Offering a choice of contemporary petrol and diesel engines with the Ford Fiesta, the company will establish the 'Dura' technologies in the country. Through a combination of advanced combustion technology, minimum weight, low internal friction and new levels of refinement the free-revving Duratec petrol engine contributes to Ford's core promise of fun to drive. The aluminum construction of the Duratec makes it one of the lightest; most compact and efficient petrol engines and is well suited for an extremely smooth and spirited drive.

Strategically planned to address the growing demand for diesel cars, Ford will introduce its proprietary TDCi (Turbo Direct Common Rail injection) technology in India. Ford Fiesta's aluminum alloy Duratorq engine is a revolution in diesel technology, refined driving pleasure and fuel economy. Employing advanced Piezo injectors with pilot injection and Over-boost control, TDCi delivers outstanding refinement and torque on demand.

V Sivaramakrishnan, Vice-President, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford India, said, "When our customers get behind the wheel of a TDCi-powered Ford Fiesta, they will be in for a treat. Ford has set new standards in turbo-diesel performance with the Duratorq TDCi engines. While being one of the smoothest and quietest diesels in its class, the technology is designed to deliver responsive acceleration, outstanding fuel economy, and reduced emissions."

Ford is committed to customer satisfaction and with the launch of the Ford Fiesta, the company plans to introduce several innovative service programmes to optimise cost of ownership.

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