The Ad Club announces 'Marquees' to recognize excellence in marketing

The Ad Club announces 'Marquees' to recognize excellence in marketing

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Apr 07,2017 4:20 PM

The Ad Club announces 'Marquees' to recognize excellence in marketing

Having given marquee properties like the EMVIES, EFFIES, and ABBYs to the industry, The Advertising Club that has been a catalyst in developing the industry and a leading idea exchange platform, on Friday, announced another annual property ‘MARQUEES’, addressing the needs of marketers who form a large constituency of The Advertising Club.

The awards intend to recognize brands for their excellence in marketing, but also celebrate those that have come out successful despite facing numerous adversities, iterating the well-known adage “That which does not break you only makes you stronger”. The debut edition of The Marquees is slated to premiere in August, 2017.

The club has already found support for this new property with India’s largest news network, Network 18, coming on board as a Presenting Partner.

Speaking about the newly-constituted awards, Raj Nayak, President, The Advertising Club, said, “Brands operate in a dynamic and evolving environment where challenges are manifold and mostly unpredictable. It is hence important to recognize and honor creativity and effectiveness of brands that take challenges in their stride and emerge triumphant. The Marquees will play the role of acknowledging and cheering brands and marketing initiatives that have been game changers.”

Speaking about the raison d'être of the awards, Partho Dasgupta, Chairman, Marquee Awards, said, “We believe that brands are a force of change and influence in society. The awards will recognize all the elements of marketing with communication being just one of them. We are sure that the awards will emerge as an ultimate benchmark for excellence in marketing.”

Apart from the regular category awards for sectors such as FMCG, Banking, Auto, Insurance, Telecom & DTH, Consumer Durables, and E-commerce, the Marquees will also have “Marquee special awards” and will recognize brands that have made a name for themselves differently. Some of the examples of the special awards are: Conquering an impregnable fortress, Riding on an emerging wave, Reinventing for the better, Carving out a niche, and Traversing unchartered waters.

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