Taj Holidays strikes chord with consumers through holiday package campaign

Taj Holidays strikes chord with consumers through holiday package campaign

Author | Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia | Tuesday, Jun 14,2005 7:41 AM

Taj Holidays strikes chord with consumers through holiday package campaign

Ever wondered about a movie directed by Nature, starring you and your family? The latest ‘blockbuster flick’ is directed by Nature. It stars ‘you and your family.’ That’s what Taj Holidays’ recent campaign says.

Taj has recently launched the campaign to connect better with its consumers. Rediffusion DY&R has built the entire communication on the platform of movies. The creative brains behind the campaign are Rediffusion DY&R’s Zarwan Patel and Prashant Godbole.

Taj has gone all out on it with a budget of almost Rs 2.5 crore. The campaign is mainly advertised through print, radio, direct mailers and collaterals. Hoardings are used for Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Sandhya Kunjur, General Manager Marketing, Leisure Hotels of Taj Hotels, said, “With an ad spend of around Rs. 2 – 2.5 crore, the campaign has had a taste of success already as respondents demand for ‘Finding Heaven’ and ‘Love at Second Sight’ holidays, thus reflecting the high recall of the titles.”

Kunjur cited research to explain the reason behind this campaign, “According to a research carried out by Research International, an interesting finding was that family members wanted to spend quality time with each other. Then, the idea came from the agency Rediffusion DY&R to build the entire communication on the platform of movies as movie is nothing else but a drama of life and it connects very well with Indians.”

She said, “The main objective of the campaign was to create an experience-led positioning. Keeping in mind that kids play a very important role in decisions, Taj Holidays also offers Kids Menu. Other innovative concepts are being worked on. Moreover, in order to connect with the consumer, all content except the titles have been translated into local languages.”

Kunjur added, “The campaign, which started in April, will continue till September. It focuses on summer and monsoon holidays. While the summer campaign was more family-based, the monsoon campaign is targeted aptly at couples that want to rejuvenate their romantic spirits. Titles like ‘Romancing the Rainbow’ and others are bound to spark that feeling.”

The best kind of holiday is one that you would thoroughly enjoy – just like a blockbuster movie. The aficionados wouldn’t waste any time in taking advantage of the offer at blockbuster rates. No wonder the tagline reads – There is nothing more enjoyable than real life.

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