Synovate Expo: Demystifying consumer behaviour

Synovate Expo: Demystifying consumer behaviour

Author | Nitin Pandey | Friday, Oct 30,2009 8:15 AM

Synovate Expo: Demystifying consumer behaviour

Synovate organised an Expo in Delhi on October 28, 2009, wherein it provided an opportunity to marketers to know about the innovative tools to improve their marketing shares, understand consumer behaviour, brand differentiation and brand affinity. Attended by global and national clients from different sectors, the Expo covered topics like enhancing ROI, total customer experience, winning proposition in OTC and healthcare, etc.

Speaking at the event, Mick Gorden, MD, Synovate India, provided an additional insight into the behaviour and attitudes of high networth consumers in India and throughout Asia. He noted that currently, the Indian consumer was one of the most confident globally. While only 12 per cent of Indians believed that the economic situation would decline, some caution has been evident during 2009, with 43 per cent Indians reducing their spendings, mostly on ‘little treats’ such as meals out or trips and holidays.

Shravani Sen, Research Director, Synovate Qualitative, pointed out, “Consumers will select brands that best meet their needs. But to understand them in this current stage, the old question of seeking answers from an ‘outside in’ perspective will no longer do. We need to look consumer inside out.”

She further said, “To connect with the consumer, we need to go deeper. We need to be able to unlock the human potential, the human mind. And this is not a one-time effort. This needs to be the DNA of our thinking when building brands.”

According to Meeta Luthra, Associate Director, Synovate India, “The key to business success is knowing what is there in the customer’s mind and then managing that relationship. Above all, when dealing with your customer, always bear in mind one golden principle – Sensitive Human Being: Handle with Care.”

Synovate has pooled its research and consulting capabilities into a new product called Ideal Customer Experience (ICE). This offering is uniquely designed to provide the depth of customer understanding needed to make insight actionable.

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