Swatch Group unveils Spring Summer collection

Swatch Group unveils Spring Summer collection

Author | Sumita Patra | Monday, Jul 11,2005 7:14 AM

Swatch Group unveils Spring Summer collection

Recognised world over for its trendy and stylish watches, the Swatch Group has something more exciting and exotic to offer the customers. The group recently unveiled its Spring Summer collection.

The new collection consists of five different ranges – Color Flashes, Lizard Lounge, Next, Amazon Sunrise and Glam Show. The new ranges are already available in the market.

One might be wondering what led Swatch to come up with such unique names. According to the Swatch headquarters in Switzerland, “There is a particular reason for naming the product categories. Swatch changed its product strategy one year ago. Instead of grouping the products into product lines (Irony, Originals, Skin, etc.), it has been decided to mix the product lines and split them into groups that correspond to fashion themes or trends. The categories “Lizard Lounge”, “Amazon Sunrise”, “Color Flashes” etc. are the trends that we have chosen to jump on for Spring-Summer and the whole collection is based on these themes.”

The Spring Summer collection, which starts from Rs 2,000 and goes up to Rs 5,750, has been perfectly designed to entice the youth with their vibrant colours and chic styles.

Asked on the positioning, G Kannan, Country Manager, Swatch Group India, said, “The Swatch Spring Summer 2005 targets the youth. When I say ‘youth’, I do not necessarily imply ‘age’. This collection, like others from Swatch, is aimed at the ‘young at heart’, the ‘light of spirit’, and the ‘joy of life’. It targets the uber-hip, and trendy.”

Swatch Group has charted out a plan to grow by 20 per cent next year, according to Kannan. Asked on the size of the watch market in India, Kannan, said, “The watch market in India is approximately estimated to be around 30-35 million units. The luxury watch segment is a very small percentage of this. Swatch Group brands have obtained 80 per cent of the luxury market segment in India.”

The company is also ready with its Fall Winter collection and is likely to launch it this autumn, informed Kannan.

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