Survey puts India among top markets for fast food

Survey puts India among top markets for fast food

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Jan 22,2005 8:40 AM

Survey puts India among top markets for fast food

India is among the top 10 markets for weekly fast food consumption, an online survey has found. Most of the countries are from the Asia-Pacific region, with the US being the exemption.

According to an ACNielsen study of 28 markets across the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific carried out through the Internet in interviews with more than 14,000 consumers, Asians are the world's greatest fast food fans.

Hong Kong topped the list of countries with 61 per cent of the adult population eating at takeaway restaurants at least once every week.

It is followed by Malaysia (59 per cent), the Philippines (54 per cent), Singapore (50 per cent), Thailand (44 per cent), China (41 per cent) and India in the seventh place (37 per cent). In the US, the figure stands at 35 per cent.

In contrast, only 11 per cent of European adults eat from takeaways at least once a week, the survey found. No European markets were among the top ten.

The study discovered that takeaways were patronised mostly for dinner.

The type of cuisine, price and convenient location were found to be the most important criteria across all three regions.

Among the international fast food chains and local operators, McDonald's emerged the most popular of all takeaway options, with 54 per cent of Americans, 75 per cent of Europeans and 64 per cent of Asians picking it as the first choice for takeaway food.

Among the countries where McDonald's is the takeaway where the participants ate most often, Australia tops the list with 84 per cent. In the case of KFC, it is China (42 per cent). India tops the list for Pizza Hut with 22 per cent.

Brand image was ranked the least important criterion, from as low as 9 per cent to only as high as 18 per cent.

Indonesia topped the list of countries where cuisine was the most important factor (75 per cent), Japan (80 per cent) when it came to price and Norway (61 per cent), convenient location.

Interestingly, India topped the list of countries for which hygiene was important (66 per cent).

An official at ACNielsen said, however, that it was important to bear in mind that the choice of a restaurant depended on factors other than quality of food.

The diner may want to eat at one place but might choose another because it's closer and he may not want to travel further than that, he explained.

Other countries surveyed included Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, Vietnam (where the survey was done face to face), Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

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