Sony Pictures & P9 tie up for ‘Spiderman-3’

Sony Pictures & P9 tie up for ‘Spiderman-3’

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Feb 14,2007 8:38 AM

Sony Pictures & P9 tie up for ‘Spiderman-3’

Sony Pictures and P9 Integrated have joined hands to unveil various marketing initiatives and prospects for launching ‘Spiderman-3’ in the country. The idea is to present opportunities to corporates and brands here who can then strategically associate themselves with the movie as marketing partners.

While this is perhaps the first time that such an initiative is seen in India, this is a practiced model in Hollywood studios, where on the eve of a movie’s release, various opportunities for marketing tie-ups, co-branded associations, multiplex activations, merchandising options and so on are discussed.

Commenting on the occasion, Sony Pictures CEO Uday Singh said, “Spiderman is a popular and successful title and we are concentrating significantly on the movie here. We are glad to partner with P9 for this movie. We would like to leverage on their expertise in providing parallel revenue models to producers and simultaneously provide prominent podiums for corporate and media to utilise entertainment brands as an effective catalyst in their marketing mix.”

P9 Integrated CEO Navin Shah added, “A detailed presentation like this helps the companies in knowing the essence of the particular film and understanding the plethora of opportunities they can leverage from associating with it. It gives them a platform to understand the various avenues that this medium can give for their brands and products vis-à-vis them using traditional mediums.”

He further said, “This is the right time as brands will desire a big campaign with properties like the World Cup coming up. Smart scheduling with such properties will bring immense value to the various brands that would associate with the movie.”

Spiderman 3 releases worldwide (simultaneous date & time release) on May 4, 2007 in four languages--English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu-- with more than 500 prints and is poised to be the biggest grosser of 2007.

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