Sodexho India drops the ‘h’ on way to sporting a new look

Sodexho India drops the ‘h’ on way to sporting a new look

Author | exchange4media Kolkata Bureau | Tuesday, Sep 09,2008 8:24 AM

Sodexho India drops the ‘h’ on way to sporting a new look

Sodexho Group, which is unifying all its services under a common brand in all its markets, has embarked on a rebranding exercise. As part of this exercise, Sodexho has dropped the ‘h’ in its name would henceforth be known as Sodexo. The Group has also adopted a new logo.

The Group is renewing and revitalising its brand to reinforce its single global brand strategy and support its transformation to a complete services company.

Ashish Talwar, CEO (Service Vouchers & Cards), Sodexo India, explained, “The new visual identity represents a key stage in our development. This evolution of our brand is a major step in the life of our company, designed to make Sodexo’s brand as a reference, enhancing its visibility and its value.”

Johnpaul Dimech, CEO (Food & Facilities Management), Sodexo India, said, “Sodexo’s single global brand is part of our DNA. It will help us grow and progress toward our shared vision to become the premier global outsourcing expert in quality of life services.”

He further said, “India is extremely strategic for Sodexo and we will continue to invest in highly skilled resources, training and development for our people and technology for the future. Based on our current growth and projections over the next four years, our employee numbers is expected to grow from 10,000 to over 40,000.”

Talwar added, “Three major changes have been made as part of the brand evolution. The logo has been streamlined and given a more contemporary graphic design that rejuvenates and revitalises the brand. The typography is simpler, livelier and more compact. The star, long part of the Group’s visual identity, has been transformed from five stars to one. The single star symbolises the performance and energy of Sodexo teams directed toward a common objective.”

“The letter ‘h’ has been deleted from the name to support the Group’s strategic transformation into a services company as the ‘h’ is often associated with the hotel and food services business, particularly in Europe. This apart, the bar of the letter ‘x’ is curved, like a smile, to evoke the Sodexo experience,” he further said.

Sodexo’s India operations commenced in 1997 and the Group is represented in India by its two subsidiaries providing Food and Facilities Management Services and Service Vouchers and Card Services. Sodexo today is a Rs 1,000-crore plus fast growing business.

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