Slim is in: World's definitely much flatter now

Slim is in: World's definitely much flatter now

Author | Source: The Economic Times | Monday, Nov 20,2006 8:55 AM

Slim is in: World's definitely much flatter now

Flat is in. The hi-end gadgets are not only popular for hi-tech, but also for being slimmer, thinner and flatter. The range extends from TV screens, mobile phones to notebooks to MP3 players (like iPods and soon-to-be-launched Zune).

It's about chic, style and being just plain slim - the mantra of the new 'Flat World'. Matching the hip 'n' cool attitude of the fashionable consumers, the new sexy, slim and flat look is rocking the Rs 20,000-crore consumer durable market.

Consumers have become design conscious about their clothes, gadgets and home decor. Variety is the spice of their life and space constraint is pushing them towards slimmer looks. Products like Motorola SLVR and RAZR, Samsung's ultra edition series mobile phones, LG's flat panel LCD and plasma TV, Phillips Ambilight (TV) and slim notebooks are selling like hot cakes.

Last year, the market for flat panel TVs (LCD and plasma) was 30,000 units. This year, it is expected to reach 1.5 lakh for LCDs. On the other hand, the global market for slim and flat cell phones is expected to grow from 3% in '05 to 15-20% in '10.

These products offer consumers with unparalleled breakthroughs in technology while retaining simplicity of use. “It was after intensive research that we came out with the Motorola RAZR and SLVR.

With more fashion conscious consumers, it was necessary to use technology in a more pleasant way,” according to Motorola Mobile Devices marketing director (India) Lloyd Mathias. Today, gadgets are a lifestyle statement as well. Only the basic functionality does not satisfy the users. A dash of style is a must. Same goes for home décor. People would like to opt for flat LCD TVs and plasma TVs.

Technological benefits are not only limited to cell phones or computers, but also to TV viewing. Updated with enhanced picture quality, colour resolution and better performance, the flat television is providing a whole new experience to the consumers.

“We have witnessed a growth of 400% over the last year. Indian market is growing exponentially for LCD TV and we foresee it to be doubling every year,” says Samsung India's deputy managing director R Zutshi.

According to experts, the LCD television market is estimated to grow at 100% and is expected to touch 1.2m units for LCD monitors this year. Compatible with the fast changing environment, 'flat world' is becoming a rage amongst youngsters.

Becoming gadget enthusiasts, who constantly want to be seen with their iPods, blackberrys and notebooks, they prefer lighter and slimmer versions of these products.

Fashionable electronics with a combination of aesthetic value and convenience are preferred. “With technological advancement, notebooks are able to capture more benefits for the users . In a way these flat gadgets are a manifestation of convenience and style for the young executives,” says Shuchi Sarkar, head-marketing, personal systems group, HP India.

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