Silky Kumar takes the Brand Axe story forward

Silky Kumar takes the Brand Axe story forward

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Sep 06,2007 10:19 AM

Silky Kumar takes the Brand Axe story forward

The all new Axe relaunch is riding on an innovative marketing campaign involving Silky Kumar, a fictional character chosen as a representative of all the classic male shortcomings that might stop him from getting a woman. Silky Kumar’s phenomenal rise from a nobody to every woman’s fantasy man as a result of him stealing the ‘New Axe Formula’ has helped reinforce the brand promise of delivering great effects – The Axe Effect.

Anil Chopra, VP, Home & Personal Care, said, “Silky Kumar is a shining example of the use of iconography in communication. Icons have been a part of brand communication for a long time now. Silky Kumar turned out to be such a huge success solely because of the innovative approach presented to the concept. Using this exciting and engaging concept has immensely helped in our Axe brand relaunch. Although innovative, the concept reinforces Axe’s brand attributes that it provides guys an edge in the mating game.”

This new formulation has been developed over three years and has a new base with higher efficacy and happens to be the best deo active ever tested. Available in arousing variants – viz. Vice, Touch, Click, Pulse, Unlimited, Dimension and Denim – the new fragrances are much livelier, yet still instantly recognisable as the original variants.

The campaign idea was conceived at BBH Asia Pacific by Jacob Wright and the creative team of Tinus Strydom and Ian Perkins. It was further developed in association with Tarek Abbar from MTV, and the final work was produced by Cyrus Oshidar at MTV India. Todd Waldron is the Creative Director, while the Account Director is Jeremy Bek.

Jacob Wright, Engagement Planning Director, BBH, and the creator of Silky Kumar is quite pleased with the results. “Silky Kumar is a made-up Bollywood star created to communicate the launch of New Axe. The idea was that this star had no talent whatsoever and was only popular with women because he had stolen the new Axe formula. The campaign is so successful that the actor playing Silky has been asked by several brands to endorse their products as they thought he was actually a star. In addition, he got mobbed at railway stations and had to be careful about going out in public!” Wright added.

With new fragrances, the look of the Axe can has also undergone a major makeover, with the new look being more serious and dictating primal masculinity. With stunning new graphics and a bolder Axe logo, the New Axe is sure to attract many more eyeballs than before.

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