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Signature emerging as the power brand in McDowell & Co. portfolio

Signature emerging as the power brand in McDowell & Co. portfolio

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Dec 14,2002 8:25 AM

Signature emerging as the power brand in McDowell & Co. portfolio

Positioned as the new sign of success, the spirits major McDowell's premium whiskey brand Signature has grown by more than 650% in the last three years. It has a promotion budget of Rs. 8 crore heavily skewed towards event especially sports.

Informing exchange4media, Alok Gupta, Divisional Vice President -Marketing, UB Group Spirit's Division said, " McDowell & Co. has now identified Signature as one of its power brands." He further added, "The brand is for the young achievers who thrive on challenges and enjoy winning. It is all about wealth that has been created against wealth that has been acquired and this is the backbone to the brand's positioning."

On its promotion plans, Vijay Rekhi, UBSPD President and MD said, "Signature has been promoting lifestyle events like golf, tennis, polo, the derby and theatre in India." The brand's association with golf took a leap this year with the maiden McDowell's Signature Club Golf Championship, India's only championship for golf clubs. The company plans to next year explode this tournament across more than 8 cities with a higher participation of clubs across the country. What makes this golf tournament unique is that it is a tournament where the selection of teams comes from the tournament itself (one qualifies on merit alone through the Intra Club qualifiers).

Signature also has a range of golfing accessories called Successories that include tote bags, t-shirts, coffee mugs and hats.

Recently Signature's Mobile Bar Pack was given the prestigious Indiastar Award 2002 for its innovative concept, visual appeal and convenience by the Indian Institute of Packaging.

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