Sanyo BPL aims to acquire 17% CTV market

Sanyo BPL aims to acquire 17% CTV market

Author | Source: Business Standard | Monday, Feb 12,2007 8:52 AM

Sanyo BPL aims to acquire 17% CTV market

Sanyo BPL Private is aiming to acquire 17 per cent colour television (CTV) market in India in the next five years. The company will make available BPL CTVs in 16,000 sales outlets and Sanyo CTVs in 10,000 retail outlets in the country in the next two years.

At present, the joint venture between BPL (India) and Sanyo Electric Co (Japan) sells the two CTV brands, refrigerators, washing machines, home theatre, audio systems, and microwave ovens through 6,000 outlets.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Toshiaki Iue, president, Sanyo TV International, said Sanyo BPL is now enjoying 6-7 per cent CTV market, around 5 lakh CTVs, in India, 8 per cent market in Andhra Pradesh, around one lakh CTVs, and 11 per cent market in coastal Andhra with headquarters in Vijayawada with 60,000 CTVs.

The presence of the large number of NRIs and well travelled consumers, who are aware of the international brands, will help Sanyo-BPL to gain the top slot soon in the CTV market in Andhra Pradesh, he said.

With more new brands, BPL-Sanyo will aim at 15 per cent CTV market in the coastal Andhra in the next financial year. It will also market about 7.5 lakh CTVs in the country. Hence, he made it a point to visit the city to boost the efforts to sell widest range of world’s first slimmest CTV brands with the smart slim technology (SST). The demand for SST CTV in India has now projected at 9.5 million sets a year, which is expected to go up to 17.2 million by 2009.

The Bangalore-based factory, which received 14001 ISO certificate, had the capacity to manufacture 3,400 CTV sets a day, 85,000 sets in a month and 10,02,000 a year. The company hopes to become a market leader with four models of slim CTV and with four more models expected to hit the market soon.

He said all Sanyo products are based on its new vision ‘Think Gain’. It means treating the earth as a single living organism and creating products that are truly needed for helping us to live in harmony with our precious planet. Therefore, emphasis has been laid on a positive approach to the environment, energy and lifestyles.

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