Sansui launches sub-brand Dhanpoorna to penetrate rural markets

Sansui launches sub-brand Dhanpoorna to penetrate rural markets

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Jan 09,2004 8:01 AM

Sansui launches sub-brand Dhanpoorna to penetrate rural markets

With India recording a good growth rate and the rural market flourishing, Sansui India too has plans to take advantage of the market situation. The company has launched a sub-brand ‘Dhanpoorna’, which is targeted directly at the rural masses. It has also modified its communication strategies to increase penetration in the rural markets.

Dhanpoorna was introduced in the north on November 15, 2003. On December 1, it made its mark in the east. The sub brand is all ready now to be introduced in the south and west on January 15, 2004. Says Anil Khera, Director, Marketing, Sansui India, “We have received very encouraging responses from the north and east market and we are expecting the same from the south and west markets.”

Speaking about the rural segments, he explains, “Regional channels are working well and the availability of various free to air channels, makes television a good medium of entertainment in rural markets. In essence, this makes CTV a well-sold product here. If you look at the market right now, rural markets contribute 26% in comparison to the 24% urban market contribution to sales. This necessarily makes it an important segment and this effort is to effectively address this segment.”

Dhanpoorna is available in three sizes of 21”, 20” and 14”, the lowest one priced at Rs 5,750. Sansui has also changed its tagline from ‘Better than the best’ to ‘Born in Japan, entertaining the world’. The brand intends to cash on its Japanese origin. Khera remarks, “Japan commands a certain respect in the market. This is our current positioning and it has paid off well.”

Sansui is not promoting Dhanpoorna specifically but is rather concentrating on the mother brand right now. As per Khera, the company is also contemplating associations with television properties on regional channels similar to the kind of association it has with Antakshari on Zee.

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