Samsung sets aside 5-6 pc of marketing budget for new smartphones

Samsung sets aside 5-6 pc of marketing budget for new smartphones

Author | Preeti Hoon | Friday, Jun 18,2010 8:41 AM

Samsung sets aside 5-6 pc of marketing budget for new smartphones

Intensifying its focus on smartphones, Samsung India Electronics has launched two new handsets in this category – Samsung Wave and Samsung Galaxy S. The company is fortifying the new launches by allocating 5-6 per cent of its marketing budget. This is the first time that Samsung has released a mobile phone on its proprietary ‘open’ mobile platform ‘bada’.

Present at the launch function in Delhi were JS Shin, President & CEO, Samsung South West Asia; Ranjit Yadav, Director – Mobile & IT, Samsung Electronics; Asim Warsi, Vice-President, Marketing, Samsung Mobiles; and brand ambassador Aamir Khan.

Speaking at the launch event, J S Shin said, “The handsets would not only be for the voice communication, but will also be a gateway to reach friends and family. Samsung Wave will be a fully functional smart phone on ‘bada’ platform, while Galaxy S will be android based. We believe they will be very successful in India.”

When asked as to how Samsung wanted to position itself in a market where other mobile brands called themselves ‘premium’, Ranjit Yadav replied, “We do not talk about competition. We are a full range player with mobile phones available in the Rs 1,300-30,000 range and we are going cross market.”

Meanwhile, Samsung expects a large market for ‘bada’ and has already predicted a decent percentage of the share of market in the coming months.

Warsi informed, “There is a large market for ‘bada’. In India, we are targeting 20 per cent, that is, cumulative percentage of the mobile market in the second half of the year.”

Yadav added here, “While, the marketing spends for the new phones are anywhere between 5 per cent and 6 per cent of the total marketing budget, advertising and other promotional budget would be extra.”

Samsung is now seriously looking into the elite category of phones. “The phones can be best described as ‘future beyond’. This is our serious foray into the smartphone segment in India,” said Shin.

Instead of a boring cut-to-cut launch, the brand put together a fun way of talking about the features of the new phones by getting together Asim Warsi and Aamir Khan in conversation, where Khan was the curious interrogator, while Warsi answered all the queries.

For the Indian market, Samsung Wave, priced at Rs 19,100, is the first smartphone with Samsung’s own proprietary system – ‘bada’. It allows mobile users to easily download a plethora of applications from Samsung Apps, an integrated store accessible from the device and online. The handset boasts of a variety of games, social networking handy tools, and health and lifestyle applications.

Samsung Galaxy S, priced at Rs 31,500, is an android-powered phone with a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and a 1 GHz application processor. More than 50,000 applications from Android Market and Samsung Apps will allow users to extend the benefits of the smart phone experience. Users will also have access to Google mobile services.

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