Sakal Group launches two clubs under Maharashtra Herald banner to benefit children

Sakal Group launches two clubs under Maharashtra Herald banner to benefit children

Author | Sumita Patra | Tuesday, Apr 26,2005 7:41 AM

Sakal Group launches two clubs under Maharashtra Herald banner to benefit children

As part of its commitment to education and contributing to society as a whole, the Sakal Group has launched two clubs, namely, Junior Herald Club and the Principals Club, in Pune recently. The two clubs are under the Maharashtra Herald brand.

As the name suggests, Junior Herald Club is targeted at children, while the Principals Club is a forum for principals of various schools in Pune. The clubs have been set up to help in the exchange of views among members.

Said Shailesh Amonkar, Head of Marketing, Sakal Group, "The Maharashtra Herald is positioned as a family newspaper and keeping this in mind, we launched Junior Herald Club in April last year. During the last one year our team has constantly interacted with children through the Junior Herald. We had received a lot of feedback from parents as well as children that we should do something for children in addition to publishing our print product. It was on account of this we decided to launch a club as an extension of the newspaper for children."

"The Junior Herald Club is a fulfilled extravaganza to enrich activities for school children in the age group of 5-15. An array of activities will be organised throughout the year for expanding horizons, enhancing skills and encouraging achievements," he said.

Commenting on the process for choosing members of the Junior Herald Club, Amonkar said, "We ran an advertising and promotion campaign in Sakal as well as Maharahstra Herald. This was also supplemented by an outdoor hoarding campaign. In addition to this we had a team of campaigners who visited different schools in Pune and promoted the concept and generated memberships."

Formed with the belief that schools and media play an important role in bringing up a confident, competent and vibrant generation, the Principals Club has been set up to act as a platform for school principals to share their experiences, discuss issues that affect them and participate actively in the process of "growing up together," said Amonkar.

Asked whether Sakal Group had chalked out any plans for promoting the two clubs, Amonkar said, "Sure, there are a number of individual plans as well as activities planned for both these clubs. There would be usage of in-house media as well outdoors media for promoting them. We are sure that the quality and quantity of the activities that we have planned for the clubs is so interesting that word of mouth publicity would be the best promotion we can get."

The Sakal Group has plans to extend both the clubs to other parts of Maharashtra and Goa as well. Said Amonkar, "We do not look upon this activity as a commercial activity. Hence, we would certainly welcome like-minded corporates join us in this effort to foster growth."

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