Rs 4 Hide n’ Seek – O&M woos youth with chocolates and romance

Rs 4 Hide n’ Seek – O&M woos youth with chocolates and romance

Author | Ashish Singh | Wednesday, Sep 15,2004 8:09 AM

Rs 4 Hide n’ Seek – O&M woos youth with chocolates and romance

The latest Hide n’ Seek commercials on air, promoting the new small pack, is all about the 25-gram easy-to-carry Hide n’ Seek at Rs 4 only. The price tag is certainly a stopper for the most.

Why four, and not a more obvious Rs 5? Explained Kamna Sharma, Client Services Director, O&M, “A small pack is basically a penetration pack. Here, Rs 4 is the price point, where 100g packs of glucose biscuits are sold. Hence, a price tag of Rs 4 was seen as a cool ‘invitation’ price to induct users of 'core biscuits' (like glucose) to speciality biscuits (like Hide n’ Seek).”

The campaign has been launched in two ad films – the 'Mobile Phone' and the 'Bhaari Jeep'. Both the commercials on air revolve round the current strategy of ‘anytime, anywhere…on the go’ concept. Asked about the message that the two-commercial series was conveying to the consumer, she remarked, “In this sense, where it is a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), we have adopted the specific communication mode. But, the basic values of the brand, irresistible and indulgent flavour of the product are kept intact and reflected well through the common theme of romance. So, this communication is aimed at increasing the depth and width of the brand consumption through the small pack promotion.”

However, creative guys have made an attempt to weave the Rs 4 factor within the content. The ‘Mobile Phone’ TVC shows one watching two young boys desperately trying to impress a young lady by flaunting their expensive cell phones. On being asked to show his mobile, the boy, who was watching them so long, takes out his small Rs 4-pack of Hide n’ Seek and wins the heart of the lady.

Built on the similar tone, the other commercial features the Hide n’ Seek guy on a bike, being bantered by a group of guys wheezing away on a heavy jeep. The girl is seen on the jeep. And, as the jeep gets trapped in mud after sometime, the boy reaches the spot, takes out his Hide n’ Seek and this time, the girl decides to go with him.

“This gives the opportunity to our protagonist, of mentioning the price of Chota Hide ’n’ Seek” Eventually, it is the Rs 4 mini-pack that makes him the winner and the brand stands for the slogan, Tasty Itna Ke dil aa jaay,” said Sharma.

The typical Hide n’ Seek TG is the ever-aspiring youth and, as is acknowledged, this is the segment that has a huge affinity for chocolate and for romance. Perhaps this trend had triggered the commercial’s plan for the O&M creative squad.

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