RK Swamy BBDO releases Guide to Market Planning

RK Swamy BBDO releases Guide to Market Planning

Author | exchange4media Bangalore Bureau | Monday, Jun 16,2008 8:27 AM

RK Swamy BBDO releases Guide to Market Planning

RK Swamy BBDO recently released a Guide to Market Planning, which is seen as a valuable aid for any marketer to understand the heterogeneous market as India. The current edition provides information at the district level, which is divided into rural and urban aggregations. It is seen as a comprehensive source to purchasing power in urban and rural areas.

The 564-page Guide is available in two volumes and accompanied by a user-friendly interactive CD. The Guide covers 515 districts across 22 states and three Union Territories. It ranks the 515 districts by Market Potential Value (MPV).

In the past, the Guides have been brought out separately at the District level, which included composite urban and rural data or only for urban markets. This time around, the Guide provides not only a composite urban and rural view, but also gives a disaggregated urban picture and a rural picture.

I Natrajan, Senior Advior, RK Swamy BBDO, who has worked extensively on the Guide along with Gauri Natrajan, said, “We have provided market potential of rural and urban areas separately. We have also given an index on the quality of market, which is based on the per capita, which is an indicator of how prosperous a district is. We call it the Market Intensity Index (MII) and any market which has an index of over 100 is a good market, and there are more than 77 rural districts which score more than 100. Most of them are concentrated in four states of Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Kerala. The implication is that if one is concentrating on big towns of neighbouring areas, marketers will be missing the rich rural market.”

Sundar K Swamy, Chairman and MD, RK Swamy BBDO, said, “In its most simple explanation, the RK Swamy BBDO Guide has the potential to make the marketing and sales function more effective by pointing out where the purchasing power lies. The Guide makes geographic planning easier. We arrive at an assessment of the purchasing power by answering four questions – does the consumer have the means and ability to buy, do they have inclination to buy, does the market have developmental variables in place for purchase, and can marketer create awareness and relative ease of doing this. We look at 24 variables in all and gather data of these, which is then handed over to Natrajan and Gauri, who work further on this.”

The Guide is priced at Rs 36,000 and can be ordered by full payment in advance by cash, cheque, draft, and credit card. There is also a combo offer available at Rs 42,750, which includes RK Swamy BBDO Guide to Market Planning Vol 1 and II and RK Swamy BBDO Guide to Urban Markets.

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