RK Swamy BBDO’s Guide to Market Planning gauging purchasing power in India

RK Swamy BBDO’s Guide to Market Planning gauging purchasing power in India

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, Nov 07,2009 7:53 AM

RK Swamy BBDO’s Guide to Market Planning gauging purchasing power in India

The RK Swamy BBDO Guide to Market Planning continues to be the first step in the market planning process for most marketers across different sectors. The Guide is a one-stop shop for information and marketers enhance their focus and improve the effectiveness of their activities.

The RK Swamy BBDO Guide to Market Planning aims to be the most definitive source of purchasing power in the country, covering 515 districts and all towns and villages therein. It uses data from 18 different sources to arrive at a composite and easy-to-use index across categories. The unique features of the Guide are its ready-to-use indices and the measurement of the prosperity levels in relative terms.

Pankaj Jha, Managing Director, Millward Brown, said, “I have been using the Guide during my various roles on the client side for prioritising markets for product/ brand expansion. The guide is an excellent compilation of all relevant metrics, which determines the importance of markets from the perspective of long term as well as medium term potential. The best part of the guide is that the compilation of data. It does away with obtaining various data sets, which is otherwise an arduous task, and it saves a great deal of money and time. It is a must have for market planning.”

The Guide has applications across various categories. Market Intensity Index (MII) and Market Potential Value (MPV) are the two main and unique indices that measure market potential in per capita terms and in aggregate terms respectively. MII is all about quality of markets and MPV is about quantity. The two together give a direction to the marketers on where to focus their efforts.

Gowri Arun, one of the principal authors of the Guide at RK Swamy BBDO, observed, “There is a big shift in the aspiration levels in small towns and rural areas. This has created a new wave of consumerism comparable to that in metros. Market planners have to widen their search for more opportunity in small towns and growing rural areas. The Guide helps them in their quest for newer and greener areas.”

Amandeep Khurana, Corporate Head – Insights, Spice Corp Ltd, noted, “In any dynamic economy, market structures evolve at a fast pace. The distribution of customers and their density in a geographical area become base figures for market planning, channel strategies, promotion allocation and product strategies. I have personally used the RK Swamy Guide to Market Planning at regular intervals for more than a decade. It is invaluable for a bird’s eye view of the market for most categories. There is no single resource that is comparably rigorous as well as user-friendly. This is an excellent backbone service.”

Parnika Mehta, National Analytics Manager, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd, added, “We’ve used the MPV data, in conjunction with our internal data, for allocation of resources like equipment, visibility, manpower, etc. as well as in planning distribution structures for a market. We found the RK Swamy Guide highly relevant. While we have internal data points, the Guide helps to build a zero-based approach to market planning. The Guide has brought significant efficiencies to us.”

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