Rexona communicates all-day freshness with 24-hour go-carting challenge

Rexona communicates all-day freshness with 24-hour go-carting challenge

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Monday, Mar 06,2006 7:48 AM

Rexona communicates all-day freshness with 24-hour go-carting challenge

For the last three weeks, over 40 teams from three cities in Tamil Nadu have been battling it out on the racetrack in their cities for the Rexona Rush Hour go-carting contest. Over the weekend gone by, the two best teams each from Chennai, Pondicherry and Coimbatore have been engaged in a head-to-head contest to win the first edition of the first ever 24-hour go-karting challenge in India, an event conceptualised by Rexona deodorants to communicate its brand promise of ‘all-day freshness’.

The idea was to augment the Rexona roll-on, currently being test-marketed in Tamil Nadu, through a focused activity in line with the brand, according to Milind Walvatkar, Marketing Manager, HLL Deodorants.

Speaking to exchange4media, he said, “The thinking behind the Rexona Rush Hour was to create an emotional connect with the youth and bring out the core proposition of the brand. The concept fitted in well – Rexona is a hard working brand, doesn’t let you down, and promises all-day freshness. It has received a great response in all the cities.”

The 24-hour challenge was conceived to test the limits of endurance of each team. Rexona is presenting the event along with Vicky Chandok, FMSCI member and former national rally champion. Karun Chandok, A1 GP/World Series racer, and his team of experts trained the participants.

The brand hit the roads to promote the event at campuses and corporates (including BPOs and software companies) with a large number of young employees. Broadening the audience base in tune with the TG for Rexona, the rules ensured that each team had at least two female members.

Walvatkar added, “As a property, it definitely has the potential to be taken national. We have been getting calls from other cities, including Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Chandigarh. It has created a lot of buzz and excitement, and we will now have to decide on taking the property to other cities.”

With the increasing popularity of motoring among the youth, the brand seems to have found its fit with the property.

Karun Chandok said, “Rexona Rush Hour will test the stamina of the participants in the most challenging conditions on the track.” While the audience targeted by Rexona for the event included college students and corporates, the six finalists were Computer Associates and HSBC from Chennai, and four college teams from the rest of Tamil Nadu.

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